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Слова на букву косв-на п (843)

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на некотором расстоянии друг от друга
• The antennas are placed (or spaced) some distance apart. • Numerous gauging (измерительные) stations are located at intervals on rivers.
на некотором расстоянии от
• The capsule is mounted some distance from the actual pressure pickup. • Points somewhat removed from the wing ... • The point is some distance away from the optical axis ...
на нём
• The revolving superstructure consists of the rotating frame and the operating machinery thereon.
на неопределённое время
• The wastes would remain there for indefinite periods.
на неопределённое расстояние
• The ray path extends indefinitely beyond rrad. • The waveguide extends indefinitely in all directions.
на неопределённую глубину
• The sand extends downward indefinitely.
на несколько порядков выше, чем
USAGE: на несколько порядков (величины) выше (больше), чем • Its viscosity is several orders (of magnitude) greater than ...
на нет
см. сводить к нулю
на никелевой основе
• Nickel-base alloys of chromium are of particular importance.
на ничтожную величину
• The temperature of the cold body is only infinitesimally lower than ...
на нужное расстояние
• To pull the cutter into the work the required distance, ...
на нуль
см. устанавливать на нуль
на обороте
• As shown in Fig. 130 overleaf, ...
на обратном пути
• This picture of the Moon was taken on the homeward (or return) journey. • To clean the belt on its return trip, ...
на один
. на каждый • The vibrational energy per degree of freedom ... • Machining three parts at a time required only 3.02 hr, as compared to 8.02 hr apiece ...
на один меньше
• There will be one fewer intensive variable for that phase. • Decarboxylation of acids to form hydrocarbons containing one less carbon ...
на одной линии с
• Off-loading cannot proceed unless the rails on the elevator platform are in line with the rails on the reciprocating track.
на одной оси с
• Mount the laser generator and the see-through detector in line with the laser beam. • Steam cylinders are in line (or coaxial) with air cylinders.
на одном уровне с
см. находиться на одном уровне с
на одну часть
• This method produces two parts of butyl alcohol to each (or per) part of acetone.
на опыте
• These arguments are tested by experiment.
на орбите
• A star in orbit is continuously accelerated about its companion.
на орбиту
см. выводить на орбиту; выходить на орбиту
на основании
. исходя из • Instead of the pair of peaks that we might expect based on the chemical shift difference between ... , we observe ... • Relying on such experiments, he ...
на основании ряда ... соображений
• They concluded, on several geochemical grounds, that ...
на основе
. сплав на основе кадмия • Compositions based on ammonium nitrate are used for gas generators. II . возникать на основе; исходя ...
на основе ... соображений
• The range of values of βi for ... can be derived on physical grounds.
на основе гипотезы
• Many of the properties of binary alloys ... can be explained on the hypothesis that ...
на основе которого
см. на базе которого
на основе которого можно строить
• The triple point is a convenient condition on which to base a temperature scale.
на открытом воздухе
• This equipment is suitable for installation out of doors. • The new pallet is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. • The burner is designed for outdoor service. • View ...
на ощупь
. жирный на ощупь • The amount of heat contained per pound of fluid that can be detected by feel or by a thermometer is known as sensible heat. • These lines can ...
на парашюте
• The telescope is cut free from the balloon and returned by parachute.
на первой стадии
• Early in [or In the first (or initial) stage of, or In an early stage of] the test no such data were available.
на первый взгляд
• Certain structures that might appear at first glance (or sight) to be simply different confirmations actually represent two different chemical compounds. • At first glance ...
на первый план
см. выдвигать на первый план
на передней панели
• One of three modes can be selected by means of push buttons at the front of the unit.
на переднем плане
• The two ball mills are in the foreground.
на пересечении
• The equivalence points are located at the intersection of lines of ...
на периферии
• Centrifugal force is greatest at the periphery.
на петлях
• A hinged door.
на плоскости
• The coordinates of a point in (or on) the plane ... • Integrals are used to compute areas bounded by curves in a plane.
на площади
• Apply the solution over a small area. • The impact force is distributed over a large area.
на поверхности
• Interactions between water molecules and ions at the crystal surfaces ... • The first product of combustion at the surface of coke is carbon monoxide. • Amorphous ...
на поверхности Луны
• The automatic chemical analyses were conducted directly on the lunar surface.
на поверхности раздела
• Yi is the mole fraction at the interface.
на подъёме
• Oxygen steelmaking is on the rise.
на поздней стадии беременности
• The manufacture of alpha-lactalbumin is initiated late in pregnancy.

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