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Слова на букву на п-не п (843)

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не подвергаться выветриванию
• The resin is completely unaffected by (outdoor) weathering.
не подвергаться напряжению
• The middle plane of the bar is free of stress.
не подвержен
• This grade of steel is not prone (or subject, or susceptible) to intergranular corrosion. • Liquids that sustain laser action are not vulnerable to permanent structural ...
не подвластен
• The flux of particles is diffuse and is beyond the control of the experimenter.
не поддаваться
• Venus had long resisted telescopic investigations. • This law defies (all attempts of) mathematical formulation.
не поддаваться анализу
• To assess some aspects of chemical reactions that hitherto eluded analyzing, ...
не поддаваться действию
USAGE: he поддаваться (воз)действию • The metal is unaffected by the extreme flame heat. • The balance is of all-metal construction and is immune from ...
не поддаваться объяснению
• This feature has defied explanation.
не поддаваться решению
• This problem has long defied (or resisted) solution by ordinary means.
не подкрепляться
• Such proposals are not supported (or are unsupportable) by factual evidence.
не подлежит сомнению, что
• It is beyond question that this depends on ... • There is no question that this project made the higher energy economically feasible.
не подтверждаться
• This hypothesis lacks support from any known factual evidence.
не подходить
• For horizontal and rising holes this system would not do.
не подчиняться управлению
• There is a break in the block diagram, and the system is out of control.
не позволять
. не давать возможности; не давать распадаться • To keep water circulation from washing the core, ... • An interlocking mechanism ...
не показан
• Amortisseur starting windings of the rotor (not shown) combine with ... • For simplicity the reflecting curtain is omitted.
не покидая
• The welder can adjust the value of the welding current without leaving the place where he is working.
не полностью изучен
• Many aspects of ionic behaviour in biochemical systems are still not fully (or completely) understood.
не пользоваться популярностью
• This insulating material has been in disrepute (or in disfavour) for the last few years.
не помогать
• An oral cholecystogram is unhelpful if the patient is clinically jaundiced.
не понятно
см. не совсем ясно
не похож на
• The values obtained bear no resemblance to each other.
не правило, а исключение
• Degeneracies are not the rule in quantum mechanics but the exception.
не представлять затруднений
• Maintenance of the computer should present no problems.
не представлять интереса
• The negligible concentration of the one species is of no interest.
не представлять опасности для жизни
• These trace amounts pose no hazard to life (or are not lethal).
не представлять особого интереса
• The remaining earthquakes are of little interest.
не представлять особой угрозы для здоровья и безопасности населения
• Such reactors offer no significant threat to the health and safety of the general public.
не представлять особой ценности
• These minerals are of no particular economic value.
не представлять особых затруднений
• The supply of potential presents no special problems. • This is not a particular problem.
не представлять собой
• The bonding in 1.3-butadiene appears to be something other than two isolated carbon-carbon double bonds separated by a single bond.
не представлять ценности для
• Then separation techniques would be of no value to the analytical chemist.
не препятствовать
• Abnormalities in the nucleus are no bar to (or do not preclude) cell division.
не прибегая к
• It is useful to have a method of evaluating this integral without resort(ing) (or recourse) to graphical integration.
не приближать к
• Keep the Vynolite board away from hot surfaces.
не приближаться к
• All personnel should keep clear of high-voltage equipment.
не приводить ни к чему
• All of this was to no avail.
не пригоден
. оказываться несостоятельным • These sulphides are unsuitable for treatment by the ordinary "hypo" process. • Pots were totally unsuited for ...
не пригоден в качестве
см. нельзя использовать в качестве
не пригоден для изучения
• This method is unsound (or unsuitable, or not valid) for strong shock waves.
не придавать значения
• No significance should be attached to the positioning of ...
не признаваться
• The possibilities of superconductivity went unrecognized for a surprisingly long time.
не прикасаться
см. не приближаться к
не принимать во внимание
. не учитывать; пренебрегать • The transmittance term may be disregarded. • Various physical factors are neglected (or ignored) in the simplified ...
не принимать всерьёз
• This suggestion was not taken seriously by astronomers.
не принимать пищи
• Some obese individuals have gone without food for as long as eight months.

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