Слова на букву на п-не п (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву на п-не п (843)

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на поздней стадии болезни
• Bronchial adenocarcinomas often do not produce signs of pulmonary involvement until late in the disease.
на полной скорости
• The machine is running at full speed.
на полном ходу
• When in full operation, the factory is intended to have an annual output of ...
на полную мощность
см. работать на полную мощность
на половине расстояния между ... и
см. на полпути между ... и
на половинной мощности
• Operations were conducted at half capacity. • The amplifiers operate at half power.
на полпути к
• The temperature of the Moon is only about 1000°C at a depth halfway to the centre.
на полпути между ... и
• This temperature fell midway between Venus and the Earth. • Free radicals lie midway (or halfway) between carbonium ions and carbanions.
на пользу человечеству
• This energy can be used for man's benefit. • They used this knowledge for the benefit of mankind.
на полюсе
• The south magnetic pole is not located at the true south pole.
на попа
жарг. см. поставленный "на попа"
на пороге
• The phenomenon of superconductivity is on the threshold of large-scale technological application. • Today this technique is on the threshold of becoming a tool of ...
на последнем курсе
• The student in his final year considers ...
на постоянном уровне
см. поддерживать на постоянном уровне
на правильном пути
см. быть на правильном пути
на практике
• This system is proving in action the benefits of applying modern technology to ... • In (actual) practice, ionic activities are often determined by ...
на прилагаемом рисунке
• The type 30 unit is shown in the accompanying figure.
на примере
. иллюстрировать на примере глицина и т.п.; показано на примере • This type is illustrated by the example of diamond. • ...
на продвинутой стадии
см. находиться на продвинутой стадии разработки
на промежутке
• If is a function defined on the finite interval from x1, to x2, ... • If qs varies over the distance , ...
на противоположных концах
• These groups are at the opposite ends of the benzene ring (хим.).
на протяжении
• The magnetic field was uniform over a length of 12.5 cm. • Over the course of half an hour there were seven reductions in ... • The earthquake affected the level of the ...
на протяжении ... лет
• Benign tumours often grow slowly over several years.
на пути
. помещать на пути • The number of molecules in the path of the light ...
на пути к
. находиться на пути к • The interstellar material through which the light passes on its way to the Earth ... • The light must pass through the solution on ...
на равном расстоянии друг от друга
• The holes are evenly spaced (or equidistant). • The posts are located at regular intervals.
на равных основаниях
• Shaft horsepower is a term which can be used almost interchangeably with brake horsepower, the difference being ... • Competing on equal terms, SO3 and P4O10 are stronger ...
на равных правах
• Shaft horsepower is a term which can be used almost interchangeably with brake horsepower, the difference being ... • Competing on equal terms, SO3 and P4O10 are stronger ...
на радиус
см. запиливать на радиус
на различные периоды времени
• We immerse the part for varying lengths of time in a vat of blue dye.
на ракете
см. установленный на ракете
на раннем этапе развития
• Early in the development of the egg, two protective envelopes are formed.
на расстояние
. действовать на расстоянии • The atoms move back and forth over a distance that is ... • The stud should be screwed into the plate a distance equal ...
на расстоянии
. находиться на расстоянии • An image of Saturn made at a range of 162,000 kilometres shows ... • The distance through which the force acts ... • ...
на расстоянии ... друг от друга
. расположенные на расстоянии ... друг от друга • The grooves are apart. • The two detectors are placed (or spaced) 100 ft apart. • ...
на расстоянии ... от Земли
• The two galaxies appear to be about three million light years away.
на расстоянии вытянутой руки
• Hold the instrument at arm's length.
на расстоянии до ... километров от
• The spacecraft passed within 700 km of Venus' surface.
на расстоянии от
• The retarder is installed (at) 100 m the surface. • The resistance measuring bulb can be located at any distance up to 3000 ft away from the instrument. • The switch is ...
на рисунке показан
• Figure I gives radiation lengths as a function of atomic number. • Figure 2 illustrates (or demonstrates, or shows, or depicts, or exhibits, or displays, or presents) a ...
на рисунке приведён
• Figure I gives radiation lengths as a function of atomic number. • Figure 2 illustrates (or demonstrates, or shows, or depicts, or exhibits, or displays, or presents) a ...
на самолётах
USAGE: на самолётах (вертолётах и т.п.) • Air conditioning equipment for ground and airborne use ...
на самом близком расстоянии от Земли
• Mars when it is at its closest, is briefly brighter than Jupiter.
на самом верху
• At the extreme top ...
на самом деле
. а на самом деле это не так; и это действительно так; фактически • Now it is time to admit that the spacing between ... ...
на самом же деле
• What actually happens is that the accelerated proton keeps moving and ...
на север
USAGE: на север (запад, юг, восток) см. направляться на север и т.п.
на севере
см. на востоке, западе
на сжатом воздухе
• The press can be operated on air alone for low-energy forming work.
на складе
см. иметь в запасе; иметься в наличии; храниться
на случай
• The large quantity of water contained in an economizer provides reserve space in the event (or case) of a sudden boiler overload.
на случай аварии
• A 150 kW Diesel alternator is provided for emergency use.
на современной ступени развития
• It is not possible, in the present state of the art, for a single-stage rocket to reach the speeds required.
на солнечной энергии
• A solar powered water pump ...
на солнце
• Unshielded thermometers in sunlight may indicate temperatures far above that of the air.
на среде
• The organisms are easily grown in the laboratory (up)on simple media.
на стадии
• At this stage, there is very little increase in the resistance. • The process is still in the experimental stage.
на станке
• The valve seat must be machined in (or on) a lathe. • Only one spindle at a time will be operated on this machine (or machine-tool).
на станке можно установить
• The machine can take (or accommodate) a workpiece up to 4 ft long and ...
на стене
см. настенный
на стойке
см. смонтированный на стойке
на столе
см. настольный
на ступени
• At this stage, there is very little increase in the resistance. • The process is still in the experimental stage.
на стыке между
• Modulator-demodulators are needed at the interfaces between the communication network and the terminals and the data-centre equipment.
на судне
см. на борту судна
на суше
• On land, geothermal gradients have been measured in deep mines and boreholes.
на схеме показан
USAGE: на схеме показан (приведён) • The diagram (re)presents the three-component system.
на схеме приведён
USAGE: на схеме показан (приведён) • The diagram (re)presents the three-component system.
на счётчике
• This monitor provides a continuous indication of level on a meter.
на теоретической основе
см. ставить на теоретическую основу
на территории университета
• On the campus of Columbia University ... .
на топливе
см. работать на топливе
на трение
см. потери на трение
на углах
• The centres of the atoms are supposed to lie at the corners of a cube.
на угол
. повернуть на угол • The coil was capable of rotating through 180° about an axis.
на уровне
• The cold water cistern is fixed at a high level. • Raise the gauge to a height at which the sharp edge of the notch is exactly level with the top of the valve ...
на уровне глаз
• The vacuum gauges are mounted at operator eye level.
на уровне земли
• The airflow measured at ground level is due to ... • There is a chain-operated conveyor at ground level.
на уровне моря
• At sea level.
на уровне полёта
• At flight level.
на фоне
. вырисовываться на фоне • The telescope photographs the flashing light against (or on) the background of the stars. • We shall discuss these findings ...
на фото
• The board shown in the photo ... • Shown in the photograph is ...
на ходу
• The adjustments can be made while (the machine is) running.
на холоде
• Potassium reacts violently with water in the cold.
на холостом ходу
см. работать вхолостую
на целых 10 процентов
• Small quantities of tin increase the ultimate strength of the cast iron by as much as 10%.
на частоте
• A charged particle can oscillate at any frequency. • Stations transmitting at different frequencies ... • The signal was received on a frequency of 20.005 Mc. • ...
на что указывает
• The ammonia hydrate is a weak electrolyte in aqueous solution as indicated by an ionization constant of 1.65 x 10 at 25°C.
на шарнирах
• A hinged bracket.
на широких просторах
• In the vast expanses of the Pacific Ocean ...
на широте
• These deposits are located in the middle latitudes.
на шкале
• The pressure is read directly on the meter's dial. • The critical angle is read off on the scales.
на электроде
• Chlorine is formed at the positive electrode and sodium hydroxide at the negative.
на этой стадии
• At this point, a comet comes under the influence of Jupiter. • At this point (or stage, or juncture) we needed a new procedure.
на этом фоне
• Against this background ...
на этом этапе
• At this point (or stage, or juncture) in our research we began efforts to verify the existence of ...
на этот вопрос нельзя дать определённого ответа
• The answer to this question is not known with certainty.
на юг
USAGE: на север (запад, юг, восток) см. направляться на север и т.п.
на юге
см. на востоке, западе
набирать высоту
авиа. • To gain height (or altitude). • As the airplane climbs, ... • The pilot attempted to gain altitude during takeoff.
набирать скорость
• To gather (or pick up) speed.
набирать энергию
• Here the electron has more time to gain energy.
• Benzedrine produces effects similar to those seen (or observed) when the sympathetic nervous system is activated. • The term amoeboid movement refers to the type of movement ...
наблюдаемый объект
• The object under observation.
наблюдается тенденция к
• The trend has been toward bigger and more sophisticated airplanes.
наблюдатель видит
• The equivalent image appears to the viewer two or more times during a rotation of 360°.
• No appreciable change in the rate of work hardening was detected (or observed). • Excessive vibration was noted in the suction line.
наблюдать за
. следить за • During rocket firing the test stands can be viewed through a periscope. • The mine fans can be watched (or observed) from the central power station.
наблюдать за ходом реакции
• To follow the course of the reaction, ...
. иметь место; происходить • Another major effect of topography is seen (or observed) in lowland sites. • Naturally occurring infections caused by ... ...
наблюдаться в
• Complex conservation is exhibited also by the same system.
наблюдаются признаки
• All coast lines show evidence of repeated rise and fall of the land relative to the sea.
• Graphite softening is a corrosion effect often noted (or observed) on cast iron pipes.
• Most asteroids with a diameter greater than 50 kilometres have now been surveyed.
см. беспрепятственное наблюдение над; данные наблюдений; находиться под наблюдением; ...
наблюдение без приборов
• Non-instrument observation.
наблюдение с земли
• The two stars are quite hot, as judged both from the rocket spectra and from ground- (or earth-)based observations.
. ассортимент; ряд; серия • The laps are available individually or in six different sets of various sizes. • The plate holds an assortment of filters.
набор данных
• A set of data.
набор термопар
• A set of thermocouples.
набросать общую картину
• We have sketched the broad outlines of plate tectonics.
• It is likely that this range extends considerably.
• The next generation is certain (or sure) to discard this model. • Such a deposit is certain to be of glacial origin.
. внизу и наверху • The most oxidized carbon is at the top. • Control gear is housed in a compartment on top of the machine. • The operator sits atop the ...
наверху таблицы
• The electrodes at the top of the table have a tendency to ...
наверху, внизу
• The heat source is at the top of the system rather than at the bottom.
• A charge (or batch) of 5.5 g of ... was placed in a glass tube. • A weighed sample (or specimen).
см. наводить на мысль; наводить на фокус
см. на который навит
навинчивать на
• Screw the complete assembly onto the threaded clock spindle. • Screw the union nuts on to the valve bodies.
см. намотан на
навитый на
• A heating coil wrapped around the column established a stable gradient of temperature.
наводить на мысль
• This suggests that ...
наводить на правильный след
• The event that happened to put us on the right track was the finding of ...
наводить на фокус
• The radiation is brought to a focus on the front face of the plate.
наводить напряжение
• The changing flux will induce an alternating voltage in ...
наводить порядок в
см. приводить в порядок
наводить телескоп на звезду
• We pointed the telescope at (or toward) the star.
наглухо скреплять
• These two surfaces are held securely together by the clamps.
. исключительно наглядно • The difference is conveniently illustrated by expressing ... • In describing the state of positronium and quarkonium it is ...
наглядно демонстрировать
• This has been clearly demonstrated for methionyl-accepting types.
наглядно иллюстрироваться
• This statement is readily illustrated by the operation of a refrigerator.
наглядно указывать на
• The peak intensities are descriptive of the relative amounts of each amino acid ...
наглядное изображение
• Figure 5 is a pictorial rendition of the proportions of crystals and liquid as a function of temperature.
. яркий • The term ... is more descriptive (or illustrative). • A dramatic proof of this is provided by ... • A pictorial model ... • A lively (or vivid) ...
наглядный пример
• A graphic (or vivid, or striking) example of what can be achieved with the plastic repair process ... • An illustrative example is furnished by Table 6. • As a pictorial ...
• Each pump is capable of delivering (or supplying) 510 tons of water per hour. • The air was provided by a blower. • The grout is forced (or pumped) into the voids in the ...
см. быть наготове
• The Academy bestowed the prize on the discovery of ...
см. при нагревании
нагревание до ... градусов
• Alkali halide crystals may be additively coloured by heating to several hundred degrees Centigrade.
нагревание с помощью лазера
• The feasibility of laser-heating a small dense plasma to thermonuclear conditions is discussed.
нагревать на
см. повышать температуру на
• The acid heats up considerably.
нагреваться до белого каления
• The fuel cups attain white-hot incandescence.
нагретый до красного каления
см. накалённый докрасна
нагружать предварительно
см. предварительно нагружён
• Bearings are used at all load-carrying points.
см. выдерживать нагрузку; для большой нагрузки; для малой нагрузки; нести нагрузку; под ...
нагрузка на
• Loads on the transformer secondaries ...
см. алгебраическое действие над; непосредственно над
над ... расположен
• These strata are overlain by a sandstone layer. • In the Los Angeles area cool air is overlain by warmer air.
над водой
• An overwater flight.
над головой
• The star was directly overhead.
над катализатором
• Dehydrogenation of a reduced azulene over a platinum catalyst ...
над уровнем земли
• At a specified altitude above the ground ...
над уровнем моря
• The volcano rises to an elevation over 4000 m above sea level.
надводное судно
• Ocean liners and other large surface ships ...
см. пополам
надевать на
см. одевать на
. в надежде на то, что; возлагать надежды на; оправдывать ожидания • There is no hope for advances in this field.
надёжные данные
• Solid (or Firm) data are available only from the earth and other planets.
• In order that Eq. () shall give a good value of for an actual capacitor, ... • These burners are dependable (or reliable) and efficient in operation. • A foolproof ...
надёжный в пределах
• These values must be considered reliable to 0.05°A.
наделять свойством
• Dirac's quantization condition endows the magnetic monopole with certain properties.
• In the hope of answering these questions, we embarked on a study of ...
. есть основания надеяться на то, что; можно надеяться, что; мы надеемся, что • One can look forward to a ...
надеяться на то, что
см. следует надеяться, что
. заданный; соответствующий; указанный • Appropriate amounts of solution were added to ... • Selection of the proper metal thickness is ...
надлежащим образом
см. должным образом
см. следует
см. по мере необходимости; при необходимости
см. с надрезом, без надреза
• When the button is (de)pressed, ... • If the levers are depressed further, ...
нажим кнопки
• Depression of a push button initiates the welding cycle.
нажим на
• The flow is started by a few squeezes on the rubber bulb.
нажимать кнопку
• The operator pushes (or depresses, or punches) a button on the console. • Press the push button to initiate gas and water flow. • The scientists on Earth will push the ...
нажимать на
• Bear down on the pneumatic hammer only sufficiently to hold the chisel against the work. • Do not bear heavily on the handle of the lapping tool.
нажимать на рычаг
• (De)press the lever.
нажимом кнопки
. одним нажимом кнопки • The table is braked to rest upon depression of the stop button.
. вперёд • Tilt the shell rearward to pour off slag.
назван в честь
• The montmorillonite group gets (or derives) its name from Montmorillon, a town in France. • The name "illite" honours the state of Illinois.
назван именем
• The Shpolsky effect is named for its discoverer.
назван по
• The centrifugal casting process is named from the manner in which the metal is distributed in the mould.
назван по имени
• The Jurassic system is named for the Jura Mountains.
см. быть известным под названием; идти под названием; идти под общим названием; известный под ...
название которого не указано
• They used an unspecified (or unnamed) polymer at 100°C.
название объясняется
• The name "lithographic limestone" is derived from the use of the rock for lithography. • Historically, the name "aromatic" arose from the fact that ... • Aliphatic ...
• The new system is incorporated in two models, one airborne, the other a ground- (or land-)based unit.
. двойная цель; общего назначения • The function (or purpose) of the foaming agent is to cover the surface of the solution with ...
. известный под названием • These are two Bessel functions of the third kind designated (or referred to) as (or termed, or named, or called) first and ...
называется более точно
см. более точно называется
. получать название; так назван потому, что • By a long slug is meant one which is long enough to be the subject of a steady-state ...
называть именем
• The comet was named for (or after) the discoverer.
называть общим именем
• Other intermolecular forces are often lumped together as van der Waals forces.
. известен под названием; носить имя • Terrestrial photogrammetry denotes that branch wherein photographs are taken from ... • This component ...
называться именем
• This function was developed by P. Langevin and is often referred to by his name.
наиболее вероятно
• The cracking is most likely to occur where the metal is weakest.
наиболее вероятный
. вероятнее всего; наиболее правдоподобный • The most likely (or probable) fuel for a fusion-power energy source is deuterium.
наиболее густонаселённый
• The most populous countries ...
наиболее заметен
см. ощущаться больше всего
наиболее известен как
• This quantity is most familiar as the proportionality constant.
наиболее известный
• The best known example for this type of excitation is the helium-neon laser.
наиболее известный в области
• Most prominent in the investigation of neutron bombardment of uranium was Enrico Fermi's group in Italy.
наиболее изученный
. изученный лучше всего • The Canadian shield is one of the most extensively studied areas of ... • The ammonia synthesis reaction is one of the ...
наиболее наглядно показан
• The economy of the method is best shown (or demonstrated) by the following example. • The limitations of these arrangements can best be appreciated from the patterns in Fig. ...
наиболее напоминать
• This machine most closely resembles the unit described in ...
наиболее перспективный в отношении
• The compounds exhibiting the most promise for storing energy are listed below.
наиболее подходить для
• This product is best suited to our operation.
наиболее полезный в практической работе
• The coefficient of greatest practical utility is the mutual-diffusion coefficient.
наиболее правдоподобный
• The most plausible (or credible) hypothesis is that ...
наиболее пригодный для
• Hyperbolic cooling towers are best suited to regions with high humidity. •
наиболее распространён
• This disease has a peak incidence after the age of 55 to 60.
наиболее распространённый
. наиболее широко используемый • Three of the most commonly encountered shapes are shown in Fig. 13. The isotope of greatest abundance is ... • ...
наиболее редко
• Colon cancer occurs least often in the descending colon.
наиболее соотвествовать
• This approach is best matched to the problem at hand.
наиболее точно соответствовать
• Find the number to which the mantissa most closely corresponds.
наиболее удалённый
• Aphelion is the point in a planet's orbit around the Sun where it is farthest (or most distant) from the Sun. • The farthest removed layer ... • These include the seven ...
наиболее удобный для
• The quantity best suited to express the energy at which ...
наиболее часто
см. чаще всего
наиболее часто встречаться
см. наиболее распространён
наиболее широко использоваться
• Optical view finders are in most common use.
наиболее широко используемый
• This is the most-used single-lens reflex camera. • Where mechanical or magnetic separation is not used, the process most generally (or universally, or extensively) employed ...
см. находить
найти применение
• Then mica wrapper type of insulation was again taken up.
найти своё отражение в
• All of this was reflected in a remarkable expansion of the computer industry.
накалённый докрасна
• The free halogen gas is passed over a mixture of the oxide with carbon or some carbonaceous material at red heat. • Red hot platinum ...
. собирать • We use a condenser to build up sufficient charge from the strobe's batteries.
накапливать данные для
• They amassed the data for a map of ...
накапливать информацию
• We are compiling (or accumulating) information on ... • The greatest amount of information on (or about) ... has been gathered (or amassed, or accumulated) in temperate ...
накапливать опыт
• As construction companies gained (or accumulated) experience ...
накапливать энергию
• The device stores mechanical energy.
. скапливаться • Moisture builds up until the thawed soil is saturated. • Large amounts of tritium are stockpiled for nuclear weapons and for research in fusion ...
• The pump delivers (or supplies, or feeds) this water at a rate of 400 gal/hr.
накладывать друг на друга
• Three curves are superimposed for comparison.
накладывать заплату
• To apply patches to the tank wall, ...
накладывать ограничение
• When no quantum restrictions apply, ...
накладывать ограничение на
• There is no restriction on the way in which particles can be distributed over the individual energy levels. • Transfer inefficiency imposes (or places) a limit(ation) on the ...
накладывать сетку на
• A net was applied over the whole surface of the rock.
накладывать слой на
• Layers can be put down on a substrate quickly.
накладывать условие
см. налагать условие; ставить условие
. налагаться • Transverse waves are superimposed on the motion of the gas behind the shock.
накладываться друг на друга
• These two patterns super(im)pose on one another on the screen.
. величина наклона; иметь наклон; пологий наклон; с наклоном • The slope of the line ... • The tilt of the vapour surface ...
наклон к
• The inclination of line AB to the horizontal also is indicated.

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