Слова на букву на п-не п (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву на п-не п (843)

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наклон касательной к кривой
• We shall henceforth speak of "the slope of the curve" as implying "the slope of the tangent to the curve".
наклон кривой
• This value can be obtained from the slope of the curve.
наклон орбиты
• The tilt (or inclination) of the orbit with respect to the orbital plane of the Earth ...
наклон оси
• The axial tilt (or The tilt of the axis) of Mercury ...
наклон относительно оси
• Changes of speed cause a tilting of the compass card about the north-south axis.
наклонён на ... градусов по отношению к
• The spin axis of comet Enoke was tilted five degrees with respect to the plane of ...
наклонён относительно оси
• When the compass card system is tilted about the north-south axis, ...
наклонён по отношению к
• The neodymium-glass disks are tilted (or inclined) (with respect) to the incoming laser beam. • The Earth's axis is tipped to the plane of its orbit.
наклонён под углом
• The plane of the Earth' s Equator is inclined to the Sun's apparent orbit by 235°. • The plates are inclined at a small angle to one another. • The pump operates best ...
. в вертикальном или наклонном положении • The derrick has a slanted boom. • The feeder discharges the rock on an inclined belt.
• Figure 18 shows how the electrode holders can be inclined to facilitate entry to curves, flanges, etc. • The furnaces can be tilted to facilitate pouring. • Bulldozer ...
наклоняться на ... градусов
• The swivel type of milling head is normally arranged to tilt 45 degrees each side of the centre line.
• Finance, transportation, and lastly (or finally) communications are comprehensively discussed.
см. иметь наконечник; с наконечником
накопить ряд убедительных доказательств того, что
• Many investigators have amassed a convincing body of evidence that such interactions in the primitive atmosphere of the Earth are capable of producing ...
• Accretion (or Accumulation) of knowledge ... • The swift accrual of word power (learning new words) ... • A build up of mineral deposits resulting from the water ...
накопленный опыт
. весь накопленный опыт • There was little backlog of (or accumulated) experience on which to base new theories. • Experience (which has been) gained (or ...
• The symmetry of the imposed field ...
налагать друг на друга
• We superimpose the two beams by the use of ...
налагать на
• If that diagonal is laid down on the line, ... • If a protractor is laid over a geometric angle ... • The frequency of the pitch is superimposed on the 5 megacycle ...
налагать ограничение
• The boundary conditions impose (or place) the restriction that ... • Similar limits are also imposed (or placed) by the detector. • The competing processes set limits on ...
налагать отпечаток на
• Magnetic reversals of the earth's field leave their imprint on rocks.
налагать требование на
• This places a constraint on the design of a power supply for the computer: it must be capable of ...
налагать условие
. ставить условие • We impose the following initial condition: ...
налагать условие на
• This places a constraint on the design of a power supply for the computer: it must be capable of ...
USAGE: налагаться (друг на друга) • The two probability distributions superpose (or are superimposed) at large .
налагаться друг на друга
USAGE: налагаться (друг на друга) • The two probability distributions superpose (or are superimposed) at large .
налагаться на
• A convective flux is super(im)posed on that due to diffusion.
см. направо
налетать на
. падать на • Deuterons strike (or impinge on) stationary tritons.
• The impacting meteorite left a deep crater.
. имеющийся в наличии; обеспечение • The availability of proper materials ... • The availability of powerful pulsed tunable dye laser has made ...
• The energy resources (now) at hand are sufficient to sustain ...
наличный ассортимент состоит из
• There are thirty models to choose from.
наложен на
• The radiofrequency interference is superimposed on the signal. • Superimposed on the outer shells are layers defined according to the physical state of the rock.
наложение ... на
• Superposition of Figs. 16 and (or on) 17 reveals good agreement of the results.
наложение поля на
• Consider the effect of the imposition of a field of Oh symmetry on the orbitals of an atom.
наложение слоя
• We found that we could protect the indium antimonide by laying down a third layer of silicon monoxide.
наложенный на
. налагать на • Heyn's printing method uses sheet silk laid over the specimen.
см. налагать на
нам встречался
• We have come across equipment where we found it very difficult to assemble the seals without damaging them.
нам повезло
• We were fortunate (enough) to discover the first source of X-rays ...
нам удобно
• We can conveniently discuss such reactions in terms of ...
нам хотелось бы
• We would like to see engineering included within the framework of ...
наматывать на
• The cables are coiled around the pipes. • The coil is wound on a metal form.
намечать на
• The launching has been set (or planned) for October.
намечать отверстие
• It is good practice first to locate the hole with a drill of smaller diameter. • The location for each hole should be spotted on the pipe with a centre punch.
намечать пути к
• The study directed the way to improvements in the technique.
• No similar trend is evident among the moons of Saturn. • The theory will take years to develop, though its elements have surfaced already for the glow discharge and the ...
. предполагаемый • The improvements intended (or contemplated, or planned, or envisaged) must be weighed against the savings that they may provide. • The ...
намеченный к
• Such units are contemplated (or scheduled, or planned, or slated) for installation in the near future.
намеченный срок
• The target date for completion is January.
. значительно • This makes the machines far (or much, or considerably) easier to move. • The inductance is measured at a frequency well above the self-resonant ...
намного более
см. значительно более
намного более продолжительный, чем другие
• Precambrian was the first and by far the largest interval in geological history.
намного больше
. значительно превосходящий • Matter would then be capable of attaining a velocity far beyond that of light.
намного больше всех других
• The pipeline is by far the largest in Indonesia.
намного больше, чем
• A diver can do useful work down to 5000 ft —- far in excess of (or vastly larger than) all previously predicted limits.
намного больший
• And this is in spite of the vastly greater mass of the Sun.
намного выше
• A laser operating far above the threshold ... • Some of the new superconductors will be superconducting well above the present region.
намного меньше
• Usually many fewer microgametes are produced than macrogametes.
намного меньше, чем
• This density is far (or much) less than is obtainable by ...
намного превосходить
• Titanium fasteners are often vastly (or much) superior to identical steel fasteners.
намного раньше, чем
• The spark-plug electrodes ignite the mixture far in advance of the normal ignition spark.
намотан на
• The electric heating cables are coiled round the pipes. • The conductor is wound on (or around) an iron cylinder.
намотанный на
см. туго намотанный на каркас
• A scale ( шкала) ranging from 0 to 3/32 is marked off on each of the faces.
нанесён на
• The stationary phase is coated on to a solid support. • A thin film of the liquid is supported on a filter disc.
нанесение на
• The process of applying a coating of zinc to the surface of steel ... • The application of a fused vitreous coating to metal surfaces ... • By spreading a monomolecular ...
нанесение слоя ... между
• By coating gelatin layers between the emulsion layers ...
нанесённое повреждение
• Damage wrought (or inflicted) by explosions ...
нанесённый ветром
. отложения, нанесённые ветром • The sea floor is often dominantly wind-blown dust. • A wind-built dune ...
нанесённый на
• A liquid coated on(to) a solid support ...
нанесённый на график
• Experimental points entered (or plotted) on the graph are ...
нанести последний удар по
• Faucault's experiment was widely interpreted as having placed the final nail in the coffin of the particle theory of light.
нанизанный на
• A digital computing device usually consists of counters strung on wires.
см. покрывать
наносить деления с интервалами в ... минут
• The rotary dial is calibrated in 3-minute increments ...
наносить информацию на ленту
• The information is entered on standard tape.
наносить краску
• Printing presses are not able to apply layers of ink of different strength.
наносить на
• Apply the solution over a small area. • Gold dissolved in mercury is applied to the article to be coated. • The gaseous mixture is deposited on a surface. • The liquid ...
наносить на график
• A plot is sketched for the plate darkening as a function of ... • In a rubidium-strontium diagram, the ratio of strontium 87 to strontium 86 is plotted against (or versus, ...
наносить на карту
• These stars have been mapped (or plotted on a map).
наносить наибольшие потери
• These species are the costliest of insect pests.
наносить огромные потери
• Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have taken enormous tolls in lives and property throughout the ages.
наносить повреждение
• To inflict damage on the machine ...
наносить разбрызгиванием
• The paper is sprayed with colouring reagents.
наносить серьёзный вред
• This pollutant may have a severe impact on the population.
наносить сетку
• If a square grid is marked on the face of a slug which is then extruded, the grid will be deformed.
наносить слой на
. покрывать слоем смазки • A thin layer (or film) of semiconductor was applied on the surface of ... Books are then given a coat of glue along the sewed ...
наносить ущерб
• The potential productive capacity of the mine will not be impaired [or (adversely) affected] by the experiment.
наносить черту
• The barrel on which the knob turns is inscribed with horizontal lines.
наносить шкалу
• The gauges are calibrated with both pressure and corresponding temperature scales. • The glass tube is mounted on a piece of wood which has a scale marked on it. • The ...
наносить эмульсию на
• To apply emulsion to a specimen ...
наноситься на
• Corrosion-resistant pure aluminium is clad to a strong duralumin base. • The coating is installed to the inside walls of laminated resin tubing.
. а не наоборот; в противоположность этому • The propulsion engines for aeroplanes must operate continuously during the flight. In contrast ...
написание формулы в виде
• The arrangement of the formula in this form is in accord with ...
. заполнен • Such columns are packed with a solid stationary phase.
. заполненный жидкостью и т.п. • Turbidity currents are dense masses of water charged (or filled) with sediment.
наполненный воздухом
• Air-filled parts of an aerostat ...
наполненный на 3/4
см. заполнен на 3/4
наполнять и опорожнять
• A single pump serves to fill and empty the vessel.
наполнять сжатым воздухом
• A rubber bag is inflated by compressed air.
• The depression fills with water to form a lake.
наполовину выполнен
• The work is half done.
наполовину дешевле
• This machine is half as expensive (or twice as cheap), although capable of the same duty.
наполовину заполненный
• The glass was half-filled with water.
наполовину меньше
см. в два раза меньше, чем; меньше вполовину
наполовину уменьшать
• Redesigning cuts the number of operations in half. • This reduces residence time by (one) half.
. близко напоминать; больше напоминать; в общем напоминать; несколько напоминать • This behaviour is ...
напоминать во всех деталях
USAGE: напоминать во всех подробностях (деталях) • The second experiment resembles the first in every detail.
напоминать во всех подробностях
USAGE: напоминать во всех подробностях (деталях) • The second experiment resembles the first in every detail.
напоминать друг друга
см. внешне напоминать друг друга
напоминать по своему принципу действия
• The unit resembles the Ludlow machine in its principle of operation.
• These inclusions give agate an appearance reminiscent of familiar natural scenes.
напомним, что
• Recall (or It will be recalled, or You will recall) that this control system is unstable. • The spin-down ladder, it will be remembered (or recalled), extends one rung lower ...
направлен в сторону
• The arrow points toward the more electronegative element. • The two vectors point in opposite directions.
направлен вверх
• The arrow is pointing up(wards).
направлен вдоль или против
• Its magnetic field is aligned with the external field or is opposed to it.
направлен вниз
• The arrow is pointing down(wards).
направлен к
• The force of gravity is directed toward the centre of the Earth.
направлен на
• The report is aimed at promoting a better understanding of ... • Primary X-rays are directed on to a secondary target. • A beam is directed at a target. • The ...
направлен на цель
• When the beam is on the target ... • All this is directed to increasing production. • Considerable research is currently directed towards the operation of ... • When ...
направлен наружу
• The radiation from the solar nebula is directed outward.
направлен одной стороной к
• The Moon keeps the same side toward (or presents one side to) the Earth.
направлен от нас
• The stream is aimed away from us.
направлен под углом
• If polar bonds are directed at such angles, ...
направлен противоположно
• The bar magnet is in opposition to an applied magnetic field.
. в западном направлении; в направлении; в обратном направлении; в одном направлении; в ...
направление вращения
• The pulleys have the same sense of rotation.
направление исследований
• This line (or avenue) of inquiry (or investigation) was very fruitful.
направление магнитного поля
• The sense of the magnetic field.
направление полёта
• The course of the flight (or The flight direction).
направленная сила
• A directional force.
• One of the detector's drawbacks was the lack of directionality.
• In the presence of a directional field ...
направленный в сторону, противоположную
• The side of the Moon facing away from the Earth ... • The register portion of the mandrel is facing away from the machine.
направленный вверх
USAGE: направленный вверх (вниз) • Upward- (Downward)-directed jets ... . направленный влево
направленный вдоль оси
• Enough axially directed light goes back into ...
направленный влево
USAGE: направленный влево (вправо, вверх, вниз) • The leftward (rightward, upward, downward) line ... . направленный вверх ...
направленный вниз
USAGE: направленный вверх (вниз) • Upward- (Downward)-directed jets ... . направленный влево
направленный внутрь
USAGE: направленный внутрь (наружу) • Macromolecules are positioned here with an inwardly directed negative and outwardly directed positive end. • An ...
направленный вправо
USAGE: направленный влево (вправо, вверх, вниз) • The leftward (rightward, upward, downward) line ... . направленный вверх ...
направленный к северу
• The northward-directed polar axis ...
направленный к центру
• This centrally directed acceleration is necessary to ...
направленный луч
• This neutron star emits a directional radio beam.
направленный на
. предназначен для • Increasing attention must be directed to the elimination of such detects. • A parabolic mirror aimed at the transmitter ...
направленный на север и т.п.
• The north-seeking end of the needle ...
направленный наружу
• An outward-directed force ...
направленный под углом
см. компонента, направленная под углом
направленный противоположно
• Electrons induce a magnetic field in opposition to the applied field.
направлены в противоположные стороны
• The particles must be oppositely directed after collision.
. повёрнут в направлении • It is usually found more efficient to lead (or direct) the vapour to the low-pressure casing. • The light is led (or guided) ...
направлять в больницу на
• Where there is doubt, hospital referral for bone biopsy is necessary.
направлять в отвал
см. отправлять в отвал
направлять излучение на
• A pattern is impressed on the photoresist by shining ultraviolet radiation on it through a mask.
направлять к
• These ions can be directed toward a detector.
направлять на
• If a high-power laser beam is applied to a particle, ... • Further research should be directed to optical focusing systems. • The efforts are directed toward finding the ...
направлять на правильный путь
• It was Hooke's method that set Newton on the right track.
направлять свет на
• This backward motion can be readily seen if one shines laser light on smoke particles floating in the air.
направлять телескоп на
• We aimed (or pointed) the telescope at (or directed the telescope toward) the star.
• If the ship is headed downstream, ... • When an electric field is applied, the ions set off to the oppositely charged electrode.
направляться на север и т.п.
• The group of geologists headed North, etc.
направляющийся на север и т.п.
• Imagine a plane heading due north.
• The entire plate moves toward the right (or rightwards).
• In simple cases only one logical bonding arrangement suggests itself.
напрессовывать на
• The shaft sleeve is pressed onto the shaft by means of a hydraulic press.
. в качестве примера; для примера; как например; скажем • Among other things, the paper stated that ... • The direction of a ...
напружинивать кольцо
• The ring is then ready for springing over the bucket into its groove.
напрягать предварительно
см. предварительно напрягать
см. выдерживать напряжение; давать напряжение; наводить напряжение; повышать напряжение; ...
напряжение на клеммах
• The voltage across the terminals.
напряжение на конденсаторе
• The voltage across the capacitor.
напряжение, приложенное к
• Voltage impressed (or imposed) across the capacitor must be limited.
наравне с
• The term "neoplasm", meaning "new growth" is often used interchangeably with the term "tumour" to signify a cancerous growth.
нарастание давления
• The build-up (or increase) of pressure.
нарастание тока
• The build-up of current.
• As pressure is built up, the blank is bulged to fill the die cavity.
• In this way layers of semiconductor can be built up.
нарезанный под болт
• The device has a tapped plunger to accept a standard bolt.
нарезать под
• The burner bodies are drilled and tapped for a 1/2 in. standard pipe oil line. • These valves consist of a casting threaded at each end for standard pipe. • The plate ...
наружная поверхность
• The exterior of the tube is spray coated. • The outside of the airship envelope is coated with aluminium paint. • The inner and outer surfaces of the membrane ...
наружная часть
• Both the interior and exterior are coated with enamel. • The outer part of the Solar System ...
• All exterior parts are finished in polished nickel. • Combination tools are arranged for cutting an external thread and tapping a hole at the same time. • The capillary ...
наружный диаметр
• The outside (or outer) diameter.
наружный слой
см. внутренние и наружные слои
. направлен наружу • To pass from the inside to the outside of the fuel tube, ... • The liquid entering ... is thrown outward by centrifugal force.
• This approach violates the basic principle for optimum performance. II • Substrate analogues can disrupt normal cell metabolism.
нарушать атомную решётку
• The high-energy particles will disrupt (or break down) the lattice of atoms (or the atomic lattice).
нарушать параллелизм
• Heavy pressure will force the two scales out of parallel.
нарушать правило
• Only for molecules exposed to strong magnetic fields is this selection rule easily violated (or broken).
нарушать принцип
• It is possible that a rarefaction shock would not violate the entropy principle.
нарушать работу
• This will not disturb (or upset, or disrupt) the normal operation of the system.
нарушать равновесие
• The impeller has become partially clogged so that the balance is disturbed. • Any movement of the hand-wheel displaces the slider, and thus upsets the electric balance.
нарушать связи
. разрывать связи • To break bonds in complex protein, ...
нарушать симметрию
• The anisotropy breaks the symmetry of the fibre.
нарушать структуру
• This disrupts the electronic structure of the molecules.
• The law breaks down at high voltages. • Parameter quantization can be done in such a way that stability is not impaired (or affected).
• Once the ordered arrangements of the solid state have been disrupted, ...
нарушение вакуума
• Deterioration in vacuum.
нарушение плёнки
• When the film is ruptured, ...
нарушение правила
• We cannot write similar structure for ... without violating the octet rule.
нарушение решётки
физ. • The disruption of a lattice.
нарушение связей
см. разрыв связей
наряду с
. а также • The reaction produces, among other products, copper nitrate, ... • This gas contains the hydrogen and nitrogen components along with gaseous ...
наряду с ... он обладает
• The strength of copper is accompanied by high ductility.
наряду с ... происходит
• Hand in hand with an increase in Eg with increasing is a decrease in the refractive index.
нас в основном интересует
• Our prime (or main) interest here is with the practical aspect of the results.
нас интересует только
• Our concern (or interest) is only with the scalar quantity .
нас ожидают сюрпризы в области
• Some surprises are in store in hot and cold forging of metals.
насаженный на ось
• The compass in its simplest form consists of a small bar magnet, pivoted in the centre, and mounted on bearings.
насаживать на
• These tyres are clamped on to special wheels. II • A burner tube is extended by a silica tube (На трубку ... насажена).
см. густонаселённый район; населять
• Many of these fishes inhabit warm or cold fresh waters.
населять одну и ту же среду
• Even animals that shared the same environment were not identically affected.
• To obtain good heating efficiency, this ratio is usually 3:1 when the work is to be heated all the way through and 10:1 when it is to be surface hardened.
насколько видит глаз
• The new seismic scar runs as far as we (or one) can see.
насколько возможно
. по мере возможности • Extend the line as far across the board as possible. • All these instruments should so (or as) far as possible be grouped together.
насколько известно
• Eastern Quebec and, so (or as) far as is known, the Asbest region in the Urals produce chrysolite.
насколько можно установить
• As far as could be determined, the action of this protein was specific for ...
насколько нам известно
• To our knowledge (or To the best of our knowledge, or As far as we know, or So far as we know) such methods have never-been employed.
насколько ошибочный
• How much would the calculated packed height be in error if axial dispersion were ignored?
наследственные черты
см. передача наследственных черт
настаивать на
• There is considerable pressure from environmental groups to reduce pollution of the river.
настало время
. пора • The time is right (or ripe) to try ...
• The section is served by wall-mounted cranes.
• The Sun is so much bigger than any other body in the vicinity that ...
настолько выше, что
• This ratio is so much larger that the core volume is considerably greater for the same magnetic densities.
настолько глубоко войти в нашу жизнь, что
• Synthetic polymers are so much a part of our everyday lives that we would have to make some drastic changes to get by without them.
настолько же
см. ничуть не менее
настолько, что
• Provision is made for indicating the point at which the honing stones have become worn to an extent that they need to be replaced.
настольная ЭВМ
• Another typical microcomputer application is the desk-top (or -type) computer.
• We are already witnessing the advance of the desk-top microcomputer to capture the middle ground of calculation work. • A tabletop version of the Van de Graaff generator is ...
настоятельно рекомендовать
• They strongly recommended three-phase motors.
настоятельно рекомендуется
• It is strongly recommended that the air supply to the controller be clean, dry and oil free.
настоящее время
см. в настоящее время; до настоящего времени; используемый в настоящее время; к настоящему ...
• The model demonstrates a number of features that are characteristic of full-scale tornadoes.
настраивать на
• The battery-supply bridge is set to the most sensitive range. • The circuits should be tuned to 3.58 Mc. • The instrument is set at the chosen wavelength. • When the ...
настраивать на волну
• Then the laser is tuned to this wavelength.
• The amplifier is tunable over the entire 6-gc satellite communication band.
настроен в пользу
см. высказываться в пользу
настроен на
• If the applied laser radiation is tuned to the centre of the Doppler profile ...
настроенный на
• Consider a laser beam tuned to resonance for an atom at rest.
настроить на частоту
• Another possibility would be a tunable laser that could be placed on the precise frequency desired.
наступает время
• There comes a time when the cluster traverses the galactic disk.
наступает момент
• As the flight speed increases, there comes a point (or a time) where the flow reaches the local speed of sound.
• A change comes when you raise this number to a ... power. • The repulsion between molecules sets in at small intermolecular distances. • Convection sets in (or begins) ...
наступать на
• The sea encroaches upon the continent.
наступать после
• In the elderly this malaise commonly follows thyroid ablation.
. с наступлением • Onset of the infection is preceded by trauma of the area. • The upward migration of methane may contribute to the triggering (or onset) of ...
наступление болезни
• Onset of the disease is usually rapid.
наступление эры
• The superiority of Democritus' model was not recognized until the dawning of the age of science.
насухо протирать
см. протирать насухо
см. а как насчёт
• No less than 60 offsets can be counted on the eastern boundary of the Pacific plate (геол.).
насчитываются миллионы
• Other galaxies number in the millions.
• Pour in the requisite amount of catalyst.
насыщенный бромом
• Bromine-laden air ...
насыщенный на ... процентов
• Dry air would become 90 percent saturated with water.
наталкивать на
• I was led to investigate such devices by three considerations (На изучение этих устройств меня натолкнули ... ).

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