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Слова на букву на п-не п (843)

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наталкиваться на
см. ударяться о
наталкиваться на барьер
• The electrons are confronted by a potential-energy barrier.
натуральная величина
см. в натуральную величину,
натуральных размеров
• A full-size propeller. • A full-sized dummy or structural model.
натыкаться на
• We have accidentally stumbled [or hit (жарг.)] on the form of graphite with the best properties for our purpose.
натыкаться на препятствие
• This is what happens when water waves run into (or meet with) an obstacle.
• Pull the thread taut with the pencil and draw ...
натягивать на
. одевать на • When the belt is stretched over the pulley ...
см. подвергаться натяжению или сжатию
натяжение пружины
• The reduced pressure acts on the valve and will rise until it is just balanced by the pull of the springs.
натянутая пружина
• The pull of a stretched spring.
. в натянутом состоянии • The coil is supported by a fine wire in tension. • The wires stretched along the street are as taut as harp strings.
наука о
• Aerostatics is the science concerned (or dealing) with (or the science that treats of) the equilibrium of ... • Acoustics can be defined as the science of sound.
наука о планетах
• Planetary science.
наука физика
• The science of physics.
научный сотрудник
см. исследователь
. вычислять; искать; можно найти в; найдено, что; обнаруживать; определять; прийти к • Once the function ...
находить всё более широкое применение
• These steels are finding ever-widening application in metallurgy. • New fibres find expanding applications in engineering and industry. • Carbides are finding increasing ...
находить дефект в
• When trouble is traced to such a unit, the entire unit is removed.
находить жилу
• To strike oil (or a vein).
находить много применений
• Such tubes find many applications. • The machines described have many uses in the production of ...
находить нефть
• To strike oil (or a vein).
находить объяснение
• Therefore some other explanation must be invoked to account for additional absorption.
находить оптимальное сочетание между
• To strike a compromise between column efficiency and speed of separation ...
находить ответ на вопрос
. решать вопрос • This provides the means for tackling one of the fundamental questions of chemistry.
находить отражение в
• The conservation principles are embodied in sets of differential equations.
находить положение
см. определять положение
находить практическое применение
• Both the Seebeck and the Peltier effects have found practical use.
находить применение
. применяться • Such measurements find use (or application) in molecular-mass determinations.
находить применение в качестве
• Inorganic and organic tin compounds find use (or application) as catalysts in many industrial processes.
находить применение в промышленности
• These bromides have found industrial use. • Coatings of this alloy could find commercial application this year.
находить решение
• He hit on (разг.) (or discovered, or found) a solution by pure accident.
находить широкое применение
• Gravimetric methods have found a wide utility in chemical analysis. • Such devices may be used extensively in computers. • This machine has a wide application (or is ...
. лежать в диапазоне; расположен • The camera can be contained in an artificial satellite or positioned on the moon or a planet. • Such a fan is ...
находиться близко друг к другу
см. расположены близко друг к другу
находиться в
. помещаться • Some control mechanism must reside in the RNA molecule (биол.). • The proportion of time the solute spends in the mobile phase ... • These ...
находиться в ... виде
• Most of the carbon dioxide in the oceans is in the form of carbonate.
находиться в воздухе
• The aircraft was airborne for eight hours. • Balloons stay aloft for long periods of time.
находиться в движении
• The free electrons in a bar of metal are in incessant random motion at high thermal velocities. • All segments of the alimentary tract show peristaltic movements.
находиться в довольно хорошем согласии с
• These results are in reasonably good agreement with the experimentally deduced energies.
находиться в зацеплении
• The rack engages a pinion. • The wheels are geared to the counter. • A considerable number of teeth are in constant engagement. • This quadrant meshes with a spur gear.
находиться в квадратичной зависимости от
• The vibrational contribution to ... depends quadratically on the sample concentration.
находиться в контакте
• The two surfaces contact (or are in contact).
находиться в массовом производстве
• The switch is the only one of the type mass-produced in that country.
находиться в непосредственной связи с
• Specific gravity of a liquid may be related directly to [or associated (or connected) directly with] its significant properties.
находиться в обратной пропорции
см. обратно пропорционален
находиться в однозначном соответствии
• The transformations from the Cartesian coordinate system to the curvilinear coordinate system are in one-to-one correspondence.
находиться в продаже
• Such glass bulbs are on the market.
находиться в противоречии с
. противоречить • This is in contrast with earlier work on anthracene. • Here, stability of the product and the "basicity "of the reactant are in conflict. • ...
находиться в процессе зарождения
• It is clear that these methods are only in their infancy.
находиться в равновесии с
• The liquid is in equilibrium with a residue ...
находиться в резком противоречии с
• But this possibility is sharply contradicted by evidence. • The new view is in sharp (or marked) contrast to the one that had prevailed earlier.
находиться в резонансе с
• These molecules are resonant with the laser.
находиться в сложной зависимости от
• The appearance of these spectra depends in a complex manner on ...
находиться в смеси с
• Cobalt is mixed with nickel in many of the minerals found in Canada.
находиться в соответствии с
. согласовываться с; соответствовать • The planet's image conforms to this prediction. • These rules are consistent with our understanding of ...
находиться в соотношении
• The respective reverberation times for axial, tangential and oblique waves are in the ratio 6:5:4 (or in the 6:5:4 ratio).
находиться в стадии разработки
• Extra low-temperature enamels are under development (or are being developed). • The processes are still under development.
находиться в стадии строительства
. строиться • The machine is under construction.
находиться в тесной связи с
• The secretory cells are in close association (or are intimately connected) with blood vessels. • Each of these components bears an intimate relation to (or is intimately ...
находиться в тесном контакте с
• The pipe surface should be properly contacted by the brine to be cooled. • When heat flows from one material to another with which it is intimately in contact ...
находиться в удовлетворительном согласии с
• The predictions of the theory are in gratifying agreement with the experimental results. • The curve is in fair (or reasonable, or good) agreement with the mass-transfer ...
находиться в химическом соединении с
• Oxygen and hydrogen are combined chemically with carbon on the surface of the particle.
находиться в хорошем согласии
USAGE: находиться в хорошем согласии (друг с другом) • The results agree closely with each other [or are in close (or good) agreement].
находиться в хорошем соответствии с
• The decreasing bond strengths in the lithium halides correlate well with the decreasing charge densities of the halide ions.
находиться в центре внимания
• Leeches were a major focus of interest for the 19th-century pioneers of modern experimental embryology. • The problem of life's beginnings has been the focus of attention ...
находиться в эксплуатации
• The plant has been in operation for seven years. • These valves are still in service. • By the 1820s much more efficient hydraulic motors were already at work.
находиться далеко друг от друга
• The particles are far apart [or widely spaced (or separated)].
находиться за пределами
• Any number which lies outside the dynamic range ...
находиться между
• When the fluid is sandwiched between two glass plates, ...
находиться на
. на ... имеется • The south magnetic pole falls on the Antarctic Continent well south of Australia.
находиться на ... расстоянии от Земли
• Venus is 42 gigametres away (or distant).
находиться на безопасном расстоянии от
• All persons should keep clear of (or keep at a safe distance from) high-voltage equipment.
находиться на большом расстоянии друг от друга
• The storage facilities are widely spaced (or are wide apart).
находиться на одном уровне с
• When the liquid-air interface is level (or even) with the calibration mark on the container, ...
находиться на продвинутой стадии разработки
• Laser systems designed to monitor air pollution are well along in development.
находиться на пути к
• The probe is on its way to the planet.
находиться на равном расстоянии от
• Every point on the circle is equally distant (or equidistant) from the centre.
находиться на ранней стадии развития
см. находиться в процессе зарождения
находиться на расстоянии
• This star is 11 parsecs distant (or is at a distance of ... from the Earth, or is separated from us by a distance of ... ).
находиться на расстоянии ... друг от друга
• The layers are 5 cm apart. • Two elements of fluid are separated by a distance Δy (or are Δy distant from each other).
находиться на расстоянии ... километров
• The block's western end is thirty kilometres away.
находиться на уровне
• The level of globin production stood at 20%.
находиться под атмосферным давлением
• The top of the column is at atmospheric pressure.
находиться под давлением
• The metering system is kept under pressure.
находиться под действием
. испытывать воздействие • If the metal is exposed to a magnetic field, ... • When such a structure is subjected to an external force, ...
находиться под действием атмосферных условий
• Old glass tends to be weaker than new material, particularly if it has been exposed to weather.
находиться под наблюдением
• The animals were under observation for two weeks.
находиться под сомнением
• The position of the station is known and that of the aircraft is in doubt.
находиться при ... температуре
• The part is kept at a constant temperature.
находка для
• The ion source is a boon to experimenters.
находясь в полёте
• While in free flight, the projectile is charged electrically.
находящиеся в равновесии
USAGE: находящиеся в равновесии (друг с другом) • Concentrations of two phases in equilibrium (with each other) are usually quite different.
находящиеся на равных расстояниях от
• If the point of control and the point of measurement are equidistant from the axis of table rotation, ...
находящиеся на расстоянии ... друг от друга
• An electron passes between two electrodes 5×10-3 cm apart. • The force of attraction between two parallel wires 1 metre apart (or spaced at 1 metre, or separated by 1 ...
. расположенный • Among the metal elements in animals are potassium and magnesium, found chiefly in cells. • Placed, situated.
находящийся в нашем распоряжении
• This body could not be observed by any technique now at our disposal.
находящийся в помещении
• The occupants of the room (or building, or office, etc…)
находящийся в равновесии
• The two systems in equilibrium ... • Diffusion does not occur in a system at equilibrium.
находящийся в равновесии с
• The first substance in equilibrium with the second ...
находящийся в распоряжении
• The best system now available to (or at the disposal of) experimenters is ...
находящийся в скрытом состоянии
• The solar energy latent in carbohydrates and other organic matter can be employed.
находящийся вне
• Usually these devices are elaborate installations external to the engine.
находящийся между ... и
• The clutch, interposed between engine and transmission, has ... • The plate sandwiched between the jaws was released.
находящийся под действием разрывного усилия
• Subatomic particles can initiate cavitation in liquid under tensile stress.
см. время пребывания II . обнаружение • Much research has been directed to pinpointing the carcinogenic factors associated with ... • This ...
нахождение формулы ... связано с трудностями
• The formula of this compound poses many problems.
нацеливать на
• The jet of hot air can be focussed on individual components.
начал изучаться
• The less striking varieties of abnormal behaviour have come under the scrutiny of science only in recent years.
. брать начало в; в самом начале; вести своё начало от; для начала • Fracture and the onset of twinning ...
начало было положено в
• Practical applications of the method originated in automotive die foundries.
начало координат
см. в начале координат; проходить через начало координат
началось с древних времен
• The investigation of clay materials goes back into antiquity.
начальная стадия
см. на начальной стадии
начальная точка
• The initial point of a ballistic path ...
начальное положение
см. возвращаться в первоначальное положение
начальный и конечный
• Energy differences between initial (or original) and final stages of a process ...
начальный период развития
см. находиться в начальном периоде развития; находиться в эмбриональном состоянии
• A start has been made on the exploration of ...
начинает вырисовываться картина
• A fuller picture of ... is beginning to emerge.
см. положить начало
начинать действовать
• As starvation is prolonged, other sources of energy for the brain come into play. II • There is often a delay before a density-dependent mechanism takes effect.
начинать действовать через ... часов
• Thyroxine takes three to four hours to begin to work (or to take effect).
начинать колебаться
• If the sample gas has enough gain at a certain frequency, it should break into oscillation at that frequency.
начинать критиковать
• The internal-combustion engine is coming under criticism because of its substantial contribution to air pollution.
начинать применяться
• Solid fuel motors are coming into use.
начинать с
• We begin (or start) with van der Waals' equation for 1 mol of gas.
начинать сначала
• To explain that, I will have to begin at the beginning.
• Before transcription of the genes can commence (or begin, or start), ... • Before the development of the North Sea oil fields got under way, ... • If a high reverse ...
начинаться ... и кончаться
• A sequence of demonstrations that begins with the law of areas and ends with the proof that ...
начинаться с
• The chemical sequences of metabolism begin with digestive processes. • The word ether has had a long history, dating back to the time of Aristotle.
начиная ... и кончая
• The entire combined mill department, the raw mill feed to the slurry blending, is operated from a central control room. • Products ranging toothpaste to missile nose cones ...
начиная от
• Beginning at the centre of the hoard, mark each 60-minute interval on ...
начиная отсюда
• From this point on(ward), relief declines and slopes become more gentle.
начиная с
• Label your parallels starting with 30°N at the mid latitude. • This section will include, as from the January 1983 issue, ... • Beginning in 1825, several integrating ...
начиная с ... и далее
• From 5/10000 (and) on, we have a decreasing geometric progression.
начиная с этого момента
• From this time on, the current will be limited by ...
начнём с того, что
• What are the available energy options for the future? To begin with there are the known finite and irreplaceable energy sources:fossil fuels and ...
нашедший свое отражение в
• The assumptions about fluid motion embodied in the theories may not be precisely correct.
наши дни
см. в наши дни
• A radar illumination beam seeks out the attacking plane.
. а не; а не на; а также не • The model fails to (or does not) explain many observations of this phenomenon. • This optical processor fails to use all the ...
не ... , a ...
• A liquid corresponds not to a single crystal phase but to a continuous series of such phases (or A liquid corresponds to a continuous series of such phases (and) not (or ...
не без недостатков
• This method is not without disadvantages (or is not infallible).
не без основания
• We view this plant with pride and for good reason! • The parallel efforts of these two laboratories will undoubtedly be seen as another race, and with some justice.
не без преимуществ
• The method is not without merit.
не безграничен
см. возможности не безграничны
не более
. максимально • Oxygen normally forms no more than two covalent bonds. II . всего лишь • Zooplankton are no more than four centimetres long.
не более и не менее, чем
• The strong force is nothing more than the system of interactions needed to ...
не более чем
. всего лишь • The conventional numerical control is nothing more than a special-purpose data processing system. • The calculated absorption rate is no better than ...
не больше
см. но не больше; самое большее
не больше, чем
. самое большее • The total harmonic distortion shall be no more than 3%. • A rugged tool with a rate of wear no greater than that of conventional tools ... • ...
не бояться перегрузки и короткого замыкания
• The instrument is overload and short-circuit proof.
не бояться проколов
• These tyres are puncture proof.
не бояться ударов
• The device is not susceptible to shock (or is shock proof).
не был обнаружен
• The electron could be readily observed, but the neutrino, having no mass and being electrically neutral, escaped detection.
не было
• Unfortunately, tunable continuous-wave lasers were not available (or were unavailable) at that time.
не быть опознанным
см. оставаться неопознанным
не в
• If a line intersects the cone's axis at a point distinct from the apex, ... • The pointer is off its equilibrium point.
не в масштабе
• In this arrangement of the process (not to scale) the colour outline shows ...
не в порядке
• There may be something out of order with the steam valve.
не в равновесии с
• The charge carriers are out of equilibrium with the lattice.
не в фазе
• This depends on whether the arriving radio waves are in phase or out of phase ...
не в фазе с
. на ... градусов не в фазе с • If the path of one beam is made slightly longer or shorter than that of the other, the light waves in one beam will be out ...
не в фокусе
• The teloblast lies deep and is out of focus. • An out-of-focus photograph ...
не вдаваясь в подробности
. не входя в подробности • The effect of the dielectric can be understood, without going into the molecular behaviour, by supposing that ... • Without ...
не вечен
см. когда-то должен прийти конец
не видеть возможности
• I see no way of predicting a major catastrophe.
не видно
• When a star is forming, it is hidden from view; it is surrounded by the opaque cloud of dust and gas.
не включать
. исключать; опускать • For air is unity and may be omitted (or excluded, or dropped) from the formula.
не включая
. за исключением; исключая; минус; не считая • The entire unit weighs 8.5 lb, not including the hydraulic actuators. • The time required ...
не влиять на
. не оказывать влияния на • The gas-jet laser cutter has little or no effect on areas adjacent to the cut. • The transducer material is unaffected (or ...
не внушать доверия
• The assumption that Y* is zero under dynamic absorption conditions is suspect.
не водорастворимый
см. не растворимый в воде
не воздействовать на
• Chloric () acid has no action upon carbon particles. • Nitric acid is almost without action on aluminium.
не все
• Particles in liquids do not all have the same kinetic energy.
не всегда
• It does not always happen that a quantity of sea water is evaporated away completely • The amount of cytosine incorporated was not consistently equal to the total guanine. ...
не всегда справедлив
• This statement is sound but not universally true.
не всегда так
• Such is not necessarily the case for active second-order systems.
не встречать препятствий
• The layer is so thick that no barrier is encountered by diffusing molecules.
не встречая сопротивления
см. абсолютно не встречая сопротивления
не входить в
• Both the light-year and the parsec are outside the metric system.
не входя в подробности
• Without going into detail we shall simply note that ...
не входящий в систему СИ
• They have added special units outside the SI system (or nonsystematic units).
не выводя из
• The seals can be replaced without taking the valve out of the system.
не выдерживать испытания
• The component part specification allows a certain number of units to fail the tests.
не выдерживать критики
• None of these objections stand up. • This chain of reasoning does not stand up (under scrutiny).
не вызывать больших затруднений
• Mechanical transfer of the cut-off forgings to a subsequent grinding machine should present few problems (or difficulties).
не вызывать затруднений
• Overdriving a system with proportional control of the basic first-order system creates no problems (or difficulties) at all. • Starting and stopping would usually not be a ...
не вызывать изменений
• A change in concentration of the aqueous solution leaves the concentration of the ion in the nonaqueous solution unaltered (or unchanged, or invariant).
не вызывать особых затруднений
см. не представлять особых затруднений
не вызывать сомнения
• This fact is beyond question.
не выносить критики
• He tolerated no criticism.
не выполняться
• In this type of model, Cantor's hypothesis fails (or does not hold).
не выполняться для
• Close correlation breaks down for a number of examples.
не выходить за пределы
см. ограничиваться
не выходить из строя
• This material remains serviceable from -85 to 500°F.
не говоря уже о
• Thousands of types of wheels are made with different combinations of the above characteristics, not to mention (or to say nothing of, or let alone) the multitude of sizes and ...
не годиться
см. не подходить; не пригоден
не гореть
• This compound will not burn.
не давать
см. препятствовать
не давать больших результатов
• So far this research has met with only limited success.
не давать возможности
. не позволять • This law gives no way of deducing the contribution of ...
не найден
• Complete proof is not yet at hand.
не намного больше, чем
см. лишь немного больше, чем
не намного превышать
• This amount is little more than the biological minimum.
не нанося ущерба
• Without detracting (in any way) from the resolution of the microscope the collecting and sorting procedure can significantly increase ...
не наоборот
см. а не наоборот
не нарушая установки
• The applications include checking workpieces on a machine without disturbing the set-up.
не нуждаться в
• The solid stationary phases have no need of a support if ... • This device dispenses with the need for a metal cladding.
не обладать
• Elliptical galaxies are generally devoid of structural features. • This property is not shared by particles with a finite mass.
не обладать достаточными знаниями
• We lack sufficient knowledge to discriminate between ...
не обладающий
• The mesentron is the only portion of the alimentary tract lacking a cuticle.
не обнаружен
• Such quasars escaped detection by radio telescopes.
не обнаруживать
• Hypoparathyroidism is often missed since the scar is almost invisible.
не обработанный после литья
см. не подвергнутый обработке после литья
не обращать внимания
• This report has escaped the attention of the researchers.
не обременять
см. не утруждать
не обслуживаться
• Many substations are unattended and use automatic or remote control.
не обсуждаться
см. не касаться
не объяснять
• This hypothesis leaves unexplained (or fails to explain) the mechanism of ...
не обязательно
• The computer need not be located next to the machine. • The corresponding pulse need not be transmitted by the radar. • Lasers do not necessarily offer any advantage in ...
не обязательно должен быть
• The laser does not need to be very powerful. • The coacervating agent need not be a micromolecular substance that can form hydrogen bonds. • The reactant does not have to ...
не ограничен
• The function is unbounded on the interval 0 < < 1.
не ограничиваться
. этим не исчерпывается • The differences between microcomputer software and minicomputer software go beyond the support level.
не один
• Most biologically important compounds contain more than one functional group. • There is more than one reason for this.
не один раз
см. несколько раз
не один человек
• More than one person has suggested that ...
не оказывать влияния на
• Chemical reactions involving such solutions often leave some of the ionic species unaffected. • The measurements were unaffected by (На измерения не ...
не оправдываться
см. не подтверждаться
не оставаться незамеченным
• The virtues of metal hydrides in this respect have not gone unnoticed.
не остаётся
• We can no longer make sets when we run out of components.
не останавливаться перед затратами
• Titanium is used in supersonic aircraft and in various military applications where expense is no object (or where no expense is spared).
не останавливаться перед расходами
• Titanium is used in supersonic aircraft and in various military applications where expense is no object (or where no expense is spared).
не останавливая
• All structural members can be inspected visually while the reactor is operating.
не осуществляться
см. не выполняться
не отличаться от
• In this sense, an aircraft is no different from any other machinery.
не отличаться по внешнему виду от
• These breccias are not dissimilar in aspect to sedimentary breccias.
не относиться к
• Most of the details of the story are irrelevant to communication. • The question is not pertinent to this discussion. • This reasoning does not hold for tunneling rays.
не относящийся к
• The unit was discharged by an effect unrelated to that under consideration.
не отставать от
• The rate of sediment deposition kept pace with the rate of crustal subsidence. • A skilled abacus operator can easily keep pace with a desk calculator operator. • The ...
не охвачен
• A number of important features of NMR spectroscopy have not been dealt with in this brief introduction.
не очень высок
• The stress levels are moderately high.
не очень далёк от действительности
• Since we have a good knowledge of stream flow, the estimate of maximum capacity is probably not much in error.
не очень отличаться друг от друга
• These values are not much different from each other.
не очень хорошо растворяться в
• ICl is not very (or appreciably) soluble in water.
не параллельны друг другу
• The two vectors are nonparallel.
не поверить в
• The discovery was met with disbelief.
не подающий радиосигналов
• A radio-silent pulsar companion ...
не подвергать действию
• Keep the Vynolite board out of the direct rays of the Sun.
не подвергаться
• Cyclohexane in this conformation is free of torsional strain.
не подвергаться влиянию
• The line intensity is unaffected (or not affected) by the gas.

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