Слова на букву не п-обра (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву не п-обра (843)

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не принимать сигнал
• Black and white TV receivers are blind to the chrominance sideband signals.
не производиться
• This amplifier is practically extinct (now).
не пропускать
см. непроницаемый для
не проходить незамеченным
• This change has not gone unnoticed.
не прошло много времени с тех пор, как
• No great length of time has yet elapsed since the solar nebula condensed from the cloud.
не проявляя признаков
• All the newborn infants touched and grasped real objects without any sign of being disturbed.
не работать
• That mine was a cassiterite producer but is (now) inactive. • The tide gauge was inoperative during two storms.
не равны по величине
• The time intervals between polarity reversals are irregular in length.
не равный единице
• In solutions with densities other than unity ...
не равный нулю
. ненулевой • This image has a nonzero diameter.
не раз
см. неоднократно
не развит в достаточной степени чтобы
• The theory is not far enough advanced to offer ...
не разлагаясь
• This compound boils undecomposed (or without decomposing) at 270°C.
не разрешаться
см. недопустим
не распадаясь
• This is faster than a neutron star could rotate without breaking apart.
не распространяться за пределы
• The rise in temperature is confined to this region.
не рассматриваться
• Thus far, no consideration has been given to the role of ...
не растворимый в воде
• Carbasole (III) is a water-insoluble solid.
не реагировать на
• Calcium carbonate is almost completely unreactive to hydrogen sulphide. • The material is unresponsive to a magnetic field.
не реагировать на сигнал
см. не принимать сигнал
не реагировать с
• Most of the non-metals show no reaction (or do not react) with water. • Calcium has no reaction with alkalis.
не рекомендуется
• The patients suffered from diseases of the alimentary tract where oral feeding is ill advised (or is discouraged).
не родственные
• "Chameleon" is a common name applied to two unrelated groups of lizards.
не родственный ему
• Electrical measurements play a major role even in such unrelated fields as medicine.
не самый маловажный из
• Not least among these questions is the nature of the earth immediately after its formation.
не связаны между собой
• In the lower classes of vertebrates, cortical and medullary adrenals are divorced from each other.
не скоро
см. ещё не скоро
не следует допускать
• The temperature should not be allowed to go above 290°F.
не следует забывать, что
. следует иметь в виду • It should be remembered that ...
не следует исключать
• This possibility must not be ruled out.
не следует путать с
• An EMF-generating selenium cell (not to be confused with a device that changes resistance in response to light) has ... • "Fine" silver should not be confused with London ...
не следует считать, что
• It is not to be supposed that all integrals of analytic functions are zero.
не слишком высокий
• At not-too-high temperatures ...
не слишком отличаться от
• Our simple "working" models are not too far removed (or too different) from those of our colleagues of the past.
не слишком трудно
• It was not unduly difficult.
не снижая
см. без ущерба для
не совпадать с
см. не согласовываться с; отличаться от; расходиться с
не совсем
• These devices are not entirely (or not quite) adequate for ...
не совсем правильный
• This result is not exactly (or quite) correct.
не совсем точно называют
• The response to seasonal changes in the length of the day is sometimes loosely called photoperiodism.
не совсем хорошо известен
• The mechanisms of antibody formation and activity are not (yet) entirely known.
не совсем ясно
• Why such a plume is initiated in any particular area has been something of a mystery (is unknown, or is not known).
не согласный с этим мнением
• There were a few dissenters from this view.
не согласовываться с
• These conclusions are at variance (or do not agree) with those of previous workers. • This is inconsistent with the data of Run No. 9. • This concept is not reconcilable ...
не содержать
• The lunar rocks are waterless, hydrogen-poor and free of (or from) organic matter. • One fraction lacked two polypeptides of molecular weight 48,000 and 37,000.
не содержащий
• Cells deprived of amino acids ... • Producing sulphur dioxide free from (or containing no) impurities ... • A copper-free (or copperless) aluminium alloy ...
не соответствовать
. абсолютно не соответствовать; совершенно не соответствовать • The experimental evidence is inconsistent with the ...
не соприкасаться
см. без соприкосновения с воздухом
не соприкасающийся
• A potential difference will appear between the ends not in contact. • Antimatter out of contact with ordinary matter would be stable.
не сработать
• If the emergency cooling systems should fail to function, ...
не сразу стало очевидным
• The applicability of the observation to living systems was not apparent immediately.
не сталкиваясь с
• These particles can travel far enough without colliding with other particles.
не столь идеальный
• Most procedures fall short of this ideal.
не сулить
• These factors do not offer opportunities for improvement of ...
не существенно
см. не иметь значения
не существовать
. отсутствовать • These tree species are not found elsewhere in the region. • All of these elements are either very rare or nonexistent in nature. • The ...
не считать необходимым
• Newton saw no need to acknowledge Hooke's statement of ...
не считая
. если не считать; за исключением; кроме; минус • But for a few substances, the state of the art has not advanced sufficiently. • ...
не так
см. а на самом деле это не так; если это не так
не так уж
• Fortunately, the rocks are not all that complex.
не так уж долго осталось ждать того времени, когда
• It should not be long before important letters are sent as electrical messages having the appearance of an ordinary typed letter.
не так уж удивительно, что
• It is no great surprise that sand-sized sediments are predominantly quartz.
не такой сильный
• Chlorite is not as strong an oxidizing agent as sodium hypochlorite.
не такой, какого можно было бы ожидать
• The behaviour of ... is not that which is normally expected.
не терять эффективности
• The compound solutions do not become inoperative by saturation.
не только
. а не только • It is not the mere attainment of low temperatures that stimulates attempts to achieve them. • The new cooling systems do more than speed the heat ...
не только ... , но и
• Thus the histories may be compared not only between regions on a given continent, but between continents as well. • Not only do these histone modifications occur at specific ...
не требовать высокой квалификации
• Lathe operation is fast, automatic and requires little (operator) skill.
не требовать ухода
• The relays offer freedom of maintenance.
не требуется
• A high degree of precision is not warranted (or needed, or necessary) here ...
не требующий обслуживания
• A maintenance-free triple filtration system ...
не увенчаться успехом
• Such attempts have not met with success (or have not been successful, or have been unsuccessful, or have failed).
не удаваться
• Early attempts to understand the properties of matter by solving the wave equation fared poorly (or have not met with success). • With a laser, this approach fails. • ...
не удивительно, что
• It comes as no surprise (or It is not surprising) that ... • Small (or No) wonder that we have witnessed an enormous increase in scientific knowledge of ... • After such ...
не указывать названия
см. название которого не указано
не указывая
см. без указания
не упоминаться
• No mention has been made of the fact that ...
не успевать
• The explosive force moves so fast that air has no time to leave the die. • Sorbite is a form of pearlite in which the iron carbide has not had time (or has not managed) to ...
не успевать следить за
• These motions are too fast for the eye to follow.
не установлен
см. неясен
не уступать
• The output of the machine is highly competitive with that of a motorized scraper. • Copper is as good as mercury for the reduction of sorbic acid. • The capacitance ...
не утруждать
• I will spare you the actual calculations.
не учитывать
. без учёта; игнорировать; не принимать во внимание; пренебрегать • No account has been taken in this calculation of ...
не учитываться
• The higher harmonics are disregarded [or are not taken into consideration (or account)] here. • Amplitude variations are ignored by such systems. • Periodic fluctuations ...
не ущемляя интересов
• The salt imported with irrigation waters should be exported without harming the interests of water users downstream.
не хватает для обеспечения
• This amount falls short of the basic requirements of the body.
не хватать
• Vegetable proteins are deficient in amino acid lysine. • The smokeless coals are in short supply. • It wanted but a few days before he should ... • A number of details ...
не центруется с
• If the milling spindle is off-centre relative to the workpiece, ...
не часто
см. редко бывает, чтобы; редко встречаться; редко случаться
не что иное как
• These furnaces are nothing more nor less than (or nothing but, or simply) ovens lined with ...
не чувствовать боли
см. не испытывать боли
не являться неожиданностью для
• This kind of reaction comes as no surprise to a physicist.
не ясно
• However, how the stimulus produces the generator potential is not understood. • What function this element played was not evident (or clear).
• The nonabsorbed beam of X-rays ...
небесное тело
• The Moon is the only heavenly (or celestial) body that is not self-luminous.
неблагоприятно влиять на
. отрицательно влиять на • Such generators are adversely affected by wide temperature changes. • For applications where large clamps would be ...
неблагоприятное влияние
см. вредное влияние; оказывать неблагоприятное влияние на
неблагоприятные последствия
• Beetles can withstand wide ranges of temperature without ill effects.
неблагоприятные условия
• This provides reliable electrical power under adverse (or unfavourable) flight conditions.
• If the temperature falls below 1300 K, two adverse factors develop: ...
неблагоприятный для существования живых существ
• On Mars, the surface temperature is unfavourable for life.
небольшая глубина
. на небольшой глубине • At shallow depths ... • The common cockle is found at moderate depths.
небольшая жертва, принесённая ради
• It would be a small price to pay for solving the radioactive ash disposal problem.
небольшая нагрузка
• If the motor starts to run away under light load, ...
небольшими партиями
• The turret is ideal for large work in small lots.
небольшими порциями
• Carefully add concentrated nitric acid, a little at a time.
небольших размеров
• These fishes are of small size (or are small in size). • The sun is a modest-sized member of a family of some 100 billion stars which make up our galaxy.
небольшого объёма
• Small-volume samples ...
небольшое количество
• The igneous rocks and metamorphic rocks, which constitute 95 percent of the volume of the earth's crust, are made up of a bare handful of silicate minerals.
. малых размеров; невысокий; незначительный; ограниченное количество • Although the time-resolution is modest, this ...
см. не иметь значения невелик см. недолго существовать
• Here is dependability and versatility that is almost beyond belief (or unbelievable, or incredible).
невидимый для глаза
• Ultraviolet rays are invisible to the eye.
• These calculations would be impracticable (or impossible, or impractical, or unfeasible) without optical computing.
. если это невозможно; нельзя; почти невозможно; практически невозможно; трудно или даже ...
невозможно наблюдать
• When the comet is no longer observable (or can no longer be observed), ...
невозможно обнаружить
• These defects are not detectable (or cannot be detected) by zero-setting checks.
невозможно определить
• There is no way of telling the width of such an ocean.
невозможно переоценить важность
. нельзя переоценить • It is impossible to overestimate (or overstate) the importance of analysis.
невозможно сказать
• There's no way of telling when the next disaster will come.
. исключаться; практически невозможный • The switch makes possible heretofore impracticable (or unfeasible, or impossible) applications of ...
невооружённый глаз
. видимый невооружённым глазом; звёзды, видимые невооружённым глазом • The observations were made by the unaided (or ...
USAGE: невоспламеняемый (антон. воспламеняемый) • The cutting fluid is nonflammable (антон. flammable).
• This may be attributed to a failure of the above assumption.
невыполненные заказы
• The outstanding (or The backlog of) orders.
• Carbon dioxide is an inert gas at moderate temperatures.
невыясненный вопрос
• Still unanswered (or unclarified) are many questions of importance.
неглубокий поток
• Drainage canals usually have a shallow flow of water.
• The nonflammable (or noncombustible) gas was introduced as an arc-extinguishing medium.
недавнего происхождения
• Few of the visible craters in the planet's images are recent.
недавно образовался
• Some craters are comparatively recent (in age).
недавно опубликованный
• Two recent papers support this view.
недалеко от
• Mount Pelee lies a short distance from the city of St. Pierre.
недалеко от побережья
• It is a small island off the coast of Iceland.
см. оказаться несправедливым
недолго служить
см. иметь короткий срок службы
недолго существовать
. существовать недолго • The life span of the Cambridge machine was brief.
см. иметь короткий срок службы; существовать недолго
• In high-performance systems, c0/r0 = 0.98 may well be intolerable. • If the hole will be exposed, the chipped edge cannot be tolerated (or is impermissible). • No leaks ...
• The instrument is moderately (or reasonably) priced (or inexpensive, or not expensive). • The machine is of moderate cost.
• Because of an oversight in construction, the shells were ...
. обладать недостатком • What was lacking (or missing) in the mutants was a protein that has ...
• The accounts of these observers fall somewhat short of objectivity.
. дефект; достоинства и недостатки; серьёзный недостаток; страдать недостатком; устранять ...
недостаток кислорода в атмосфере
• Oxygen-deficient atmospheres can lead to suffocation.
недостаток места
см. ввиду нехватки места
недостаток рабочей силы
• Shortage of hands (or labour).
. мало; не хватать • The nearby islands are inadequate to give the harbour full protection from the seas. • Vegetable proteins are deficient in amino acid ...
недостаточно вентилируемый
см. плохо вентилируемый
недостаточно изучен
см. недостаточно исследован
недостаточно исследован
• The region very near the wall has not been adequately explored (or investigated, or studied). • The mechanism of the process is as yet imperfectly (or little) ...
недостаточно разработан
• This theory is not sufficiently advanced to permit ...
недостаточное понимание
• Our lack of understanding of ... prevents us from obtaining ...
. обладать недостатком • Deficient air supply is indicated by ... • The rate of response of the conventional synchronizing system is quite often ...
• Absolute zero is thus unattainable.
• The unattainability of absolute zero ...
недоступен для наблюдения
см. невозможно наблюдать
• The cost of placing transmission systems underground is prohibitive.
недоступный для
• Such toughness levels previously were beyond the reach of iron foundry products.
недра земли
. в недрах земли • The interior of the Earth (or The Earth's interior) contains an appreciable amount of ...
нежелательная примесь
• The compound is free from troublesome (or unwanted, or undesirable) impurities.
• This is undesirable from the corrosion standpoint.
• To reduce unwanted (or undesirable) side effects, ... • The two sidebands, one wanted and the other unwanted, can be separated. • Delays of this order would be ...
независимо друг от друга
• The jaws are operated independently of one another.
независимо от
• Navigation equipment operates totally independent of terrestrial navigation aids. • The thickness of the coils was recorded independently of the gaugemeter from a contact ...
независимо от его напряжения
• The spin state of an electron cannot be changed by a uniform magnetic field no matter how strong (it is).
независимо от того
. будь он ... или нет; будь то • However old the earth might be, many events had to be included in its history. • Combustion is the burning of any ...
независимо от того как
см. как бы ни был
независимо от того, в каком порядке они следуют друг за другом
• The final result will be the algebraic sum of all the shifts no matter what their sequence.
независимо от того, из какого
• "Single-ion" properties are often of importance without regard to the particular compound from which the ions were obtained.
независимо от того, является ли он ... или
• The foods that we eat, whether natural or artificial, are compounds of carbon.
независимость в отношении нефтеснабжения и т.п.
• Self-sufficiency in oil will help to eliminate that deficit.
независимость от
• Although mathematics is sometimes called a science, it is usually distinguished from science by its relative independence from empirical considerations.
независимый от
• The system is independent of power line variations. • Length-independent losses ... • Time-independent ...
• Initial tests showed that the hydraulic fluid systems remained contamination free (or uncontaminated).
незадолго до этого
см. лишь незадолго до этого
• The fourth stand remains incomplete (or unfinished).
см. оставаться незамеченным
незамкнутая цепь
• An open-chain compound.
незанятое состояние
физ. • All states above this level are empty (or unoccupied).
см. нет необходимости
незначительная роль
см. играть весьма незначительную роль
. лишь незначительно • The surface temperature of the nebula would have increased moderately from 3,500 К to 4,000 K.
. лишь незначительный; небольшой • The structural differences are of a minor nature. • This component is present in minor (or insignificant) ...
. в силу необходимости; обязательно • The steam cycle is necessarily less efficient than is theoretically possible. • Such changes inevitably (or ...
неизбежно напрашивается вывод о том, что
• There seemed no escaping the conclusion that there was also a transverse force drawing particles into the centre of the laser beam.
см. оставаться неизвестным
см. уравнение с одним неизвестным
• Solve the equation for the unknown terms.
. всегда; постоянно • Excessive crankshaft speed invariably reduces engine life. • Homonuclear diatomic molecules like H2, N2, and O2, necessarily have a zero ...
. оставаться неизменным; постоянный • If the Hamiltonian is invariant under the transformation, ...
. оставаться неиспользованным • In this way the country will be able to exploit untapped (or unutilized) coal deposits. • The continental margins ...
неисправно работать
• The instrument may malfunction.
. выявление неисправностей; ненормальность в работе; устранять дефект • A malfunction in the lines of hydraulic ...
• This allows quick replacement of a faulty (or defective, or an inoperative) system by standardized standby thermometers.
. нетронутый • Mapping in previously unexplored parts of the country ...
• An unexhaustible supply of solar energy ...
• Provided that the Jacobian is non-vanishing, the equation may be solved to obtain ...
• Inexpert work can cause irreparable harm.
некоторая свобода
• The tether system allows a degree of lateral motion.
некоторая часть
• At least a portion of these molecules are located in ...
некоторое время
см. в течение некоторого времени
некоторое количество
• A quantity of sodium hydroxide solution is divided into two equal parts.
некоторое применение
• Titanium finds a limited (or some) use in spite of its high cost.
некоторое сходство между
• There is a vague similarity between this technique and ...
некоторое число
• is some number between and .
• A selection of practical applications is given in Table 5.
некоторые из
• Certain of the reactions discussed are specific to only one functional group. • Certain of the amino acids may undergo structural changes ...
некоторые сведения о
• Something of the nature and importance of these molecular properties will be mentioned afterwards.
. в некотором смысле • Radar can provide a degree of information about the size of raindrops and hailstones. • The size of the hole has always been something ...
некоторым образом
• The tides, in a way, affect time.
• Deviations from circularity were found.
• Cylinder liners which are out-of-round can be remachined.
• For unalloyed iron the greater grain growth seems to occur above ...
• It is not (an) easy (matter) to reconstruct ...
нелегко объяснить
• These factors are not easily explained (or accounted for).
нелегко себе представить
• Although the engine is simple its basic geometry is not easy to visualize.
нелинейный по
• This equation is nonlinear in u0, u1, u2.
см. невозможно; этого нельзя сказать о
нельзя допускать
• If the hole is to be exposed, the chipped edge cannot be tolerated (or is impermissible).
нельзя и мечтать
см. о котором нельзя и мечтать
нельзя исключать
см. не следует исключать
нельзя использовать в качестве
• The column is then inoperable (or unusable) as an absorber.
нельзя наблюдать
см. невозможно наблюдать
нельзя не прийти к выводу о том, что
• There is no escape from the conclusion (or One cannot but infer) that reef growth kept pace with ...
нельзя отличить от
. никак нельзя отличить от • The eggs of most species are indistinguishable from those of other insects. • The effects of gravity on masses and ...
нельзя отрицать привлекательности
• The idea is not without (strong) appeal.
нельзя переоценить
• The importance of this cannot be overemphasized (or overestimated, or overrated, or overstated) (or cannot be too strongly emphasized).
нельзя применить
см. неприменим
немедленно обращаться за помощью
• Such patients should seek help promptly (or immediately).
немедленно отразиться на
• The availability of continuously tunable lasers has had an immediate impact on chemical implications.
см. лишь немногие из
см. мало II . несколько • The water level is slightly (or somewhat) below the level of the spray jet.
немного больше
• The capacity was only a trifle (разг.) over half of ...
немного ниже
см. несколько ниже
• Such assemblies are few in number (or few and far between).
немыслимый с экономической точки зрения
• A fixed stator winding along the track is economically unthinkable.
ненормальность в работе
• Air leaking into the pump from any source is likely to cause erratic running (or faulty performance).
• To remove the unneeded core, ...
• Molecules of nonvanishing (or nonzero) size ... • In that case () for any not zero is ... • Distinct from zero (or nontrivial, or nonzero).
• The failure to detect the signal ...
• An unjustified assumption ...
необработанные данные
• Useful results may be developed from raw (or untreated, or unprocessed) experimental data.
необратимая реакция
• An irreversible reaction.
необратимо превращаться в
• Diphenylamine is irreversibly converted to diphenylbenzidine.
необратимый во времени
• The class of such weak solutions is irreversible in time.
. совершенно необходим; требоваться • Cobalt is required in small amounts by plants and animals. • In science, as opposed to pure philosophy, ...
необходим для
• Consideration of the ordered array of atoms or ions is basic to an understanding of the results. • Complex numbers are necessary to the mathematical treatment. • ...
необходим для понимания
• Some knowledge of ... is necessary to an understanding of the formation of ...
необходим опыт
• It takes experience to build a crane like this.
. для этого необходим; когда это необходимо; нужно; следует • There is a need to examine the significance of ... • If ...
необходимо внести коренные изменения в
• There has to be a radical change in the construction of the cars.
необходимо выяснить
• It needs to be ascertained if these acids are actually requisite for protein synthesis.
необходимо кратко остановиться на
• Brief mention should be made of the glass electrode.
необходимо особенно подчеркнуть, что
• It cannot be too highly stressed (or It should be particularly emphasized) that the rate at which metal can be removed is largely dependent on ...

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