Слова на букву не п-обра (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву не п-обра (843)

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необходимо подчеркнуть, что
• It is necessary to stress (or It should be stressed) that we are dealing with ... • It must be emphasized (or underscored) that no other sequence of events ...
необходимо понимать, что
• It should be realized that the properties of some elements ...
необходимо провести
• A new survey is in order.
необходимо сделать следующее
. для этого необходимо сделать следующее • To renew the ink pads the following procedure should be adopted. • To remove the circuit-supply ...
необходимо сделать следующее замечание
• A remark is in order [or It should be noted (or remarked, or pointed out) that ... ].
необходимо следить за тем, чтобы не
• (Care should be taken to) see that [or Take care (or Make sure) that] oxidation of the amine does not occur in storage. • Care must be exercised (or taken) to avoid ...
необходимо учесть
• Proper allowance must be made for (or Account must be taken of) the processing tolerances. • In the comparison of these results, consideration must be given to the ...
необходимо, чтобы
• It is essential (or necessary) that the body of the machine is [or (should) be] effectively earthed. • It is requisite that the ос-helix of the molecules become completely ...
необходимое условие
• Then a necessary condition for to attain a minimum is ...
. без необходимости; в силу необходимости; в случае необходимости; вызывать необходимость; нет ...
необходимость ... вызвана тем, что
• The necessity of considering this effect stems from the fact that ...
. требуемый • In order to carry out the needed (or required, or necessary) numerical estimates ... • Appropriate amounts of malt sprouts were added to ... • In ...
необходимый для того, чтобы
• He has measured the time it takes a compression wave to travel from ... to ...
необходимый и достаточный
• This indicates sets of properties that are necessary and sufficient for para-unitariness.
• When a variable increases beyond all bounds, it is said ... • As increases indefinitely, ... • As is increased without bound, ... • The gas would expand without ...
неограниченное количество
см. вмещать неограниченное количество
• These machines have been designed to permit almost limitless possibilities in the field of ... • The wave propagates in an unbounded medium.
неограниченный по протяжённости
• The cladding is unbounded in extent.
см. по разному
. разные • Two dissimilar (or distinct, or different) conducting materials are joined in a continuous loop.
• The non-uniqueness (or ambiguity) of this reduction may be seen by considering ...
• As a result of ... the coil may exhibit several resonance modes, and a self-resonance determination is then ambiguous.
. многократно • We have spoken repeatedly of ... • This belting has proved time and again (or has repeatedly proved) its complete reliability.
неоднократно повторяться
• This process was repeated over and over again.
неоднородной толщины
• These fibres were irregular in thickness.
см. неодинаковые
неопределённая глубина
см. на неопределённую глубину
неопределённое время
см. в течение неопределённого времени
неопределённое расстояние
см. на неопределённое расстояние
• By averaging many exposures the uncertainty may be reduced to ...
• Let φ be the manifold across which the normal derivative of is indeterminate. • The position of the electron within the wave train is uncertain. • The prospects for ... ...
• The principal conclusion that amino acids and the genetic code coevolved seems irrefutable.
неопровержимое доказательство того, что
см. неоспоримое доказательство того, что
неотличим от
. нельзя отличить от • Many living species are almost indistinguishable in structure species that flourished a billion or more years ago.
неотъемлемая часть
. составлять неотъемлемую часть • A calibrating device and a recorder are integral parts of the unit. • Today, synthetic polymers are an integral ...
неотъемлемая часть нашей жизни
см. настолько глубоко войти в нашу жизнь, что
неочищенный газ
• Sulphur contained in crude coke-oven gas ...
• The reflector is sufficiently off parallel with the other reflector. • The measuring surfaces of the micrometer may thus be forced out of line (or become nonparallel).
неперетачиваемая пластинка
USAGE: неперетачиваемая пластинка (в резце) • The new cutter with throwaway inserts is set up quickly on a simple and easy-to-use fixture.
неплотно закупоренный
• The glass tube is loosely plugged with cotton.
неплотно прилегающие друг к другу
• Adhesives of heavy-body consistency can be used in the joining of loosely mating structure parts.
• The gas had escaped through a leaky valve.
неповреждённые детали
• In this way you can produce damage-free workpieces.
см. оставаться нетронутым
см. быть неподвижным по отношению к
неподвижная точка
• Let be a fixed point.
неподвижно закреплённый
см. закреплён неподвижно; прочно закреплён
неподвижное состояние
см. в состоянии покоя
. оставаться неподвижным • The Earth's magnetic poles are not fixed, but tend to move at a known rate. • The model pertains to transport between an ...
неподвижный вал
• Three of the pulleys are on fixed shafts.
неподвижный слой
• A gas flowing in a tube forms a stationary layer in contact with the walls.
. в случае неполадки; выявление неисправностей; главный источник неполадок; метод устранения ...
неполадки в работе
• These characteristics must be taken into account if faulty operation is to be avoided.
• An imperfectly evacuated space ...
неполностью изучен
• This phenomenon is still understood incompletely.
• Our most advanced theoretical models are incomprehensible to the layman.
непоправимо повреждён
• This "protective O3 shell" could be permanently (or irreparably) damaged. • If a blade becomes damaged beyond repair, ...
непоправимый вред
• Inexpert work can cause irreparable harm.
• The use of an inconsistent terminology ...
непосредственная близость
см. в непосредственной близости от
непосредственная причина
• Immediate causes of rockslides are not often evident.
• The derivatives could be obtained at once by differentiation. • These expressions can be found easily from Eqs. (.3) and (.4) by inspection. II • It is the usual practice ...
непосредственно в области
• Conditions in the immediate region of an interface are difficult to observe.
непосредственно впереди
см. непосредственно перед
непосредственно за
• A sample cell (placed) just (or immediately) beyond the focus of a convex lens produced a strong thermal lens. • The atom temperature immediately behind the shock wave was ...
непосредственно над
• The top fuller is placed directly (or immediately) above the bottom fuller.
непосредственно отвечать за
• This operation is the direct responsibility of the refrigerating engineer.
непосредственно перед
• The box is located immediately ahead of the drive head. • A separator is installed just ahead of the main turbine shop. • The work material is passed through an induction ...
непосредственно перед тем как
• Just before the valve started to oscillate, the number of bubbles increased.
непосредственно под
. чуть ниже • The filter unit is mounted immediately (or just) below the input-resistor unit. • The wave can travel immediately under the ground surface.
непосредственно позади
• The detector cannot be placed directly behind the filter. • There is a switch immediately behind each stop.
непосредственно получать
• Thus we obtain (or have) immediately (or at once): A + b2 + ...
непосредственно после
• The precursor RNA molecule received proteins immediately following (or after) transcription (биол.). • These isotopes emit gamma rays immediately on decay.
непосредственно после литья
см. не подвергнутый обработке после литья
непосредственно после того как
• Screening begins the moment (or as soon as) the material is placed at the feed end.
непосредственно предшествующий
• The period immediately preceding the launching of the missile ...
непосредственно прилегающий к
• The pollutant was found in the soil immediately adjacent to the factory.
непосредственно примыкающие друг к другу
• The sites immediately adjacent to one another ...
непосредственно связан с
см. тесно связан с
непосредственно сзади
• The detector cannot be placed directly behind the filter. • There is a switch immediately behind each stop. . непосредственно спереди
непосредственно следовать из
• From this it readily (or immediately) follows (or it follows at once) that ...
непосредственно соприкасаться с
• Each ganglion lies in direct contact with ...
непосредственно соприкасающийся с
• The fluid in immediate contact with the fixed surface can properly be said to be stagnant.
непосредственно спереди
USAGE: непосредственно спереди (антон. сзади) • The two adrenals of mammals lie immediately anterior (антон. posterior) to the kidneys. . ...
непосредственно явствовать из
см. явствовать непосредственно из
. в непосредственной близости от • ATP serves as the immediate source of energy for the mechanical work performed by muscle. II • The student ...
непосредственный интерес
см. представлять непосредственный интерес для
• The tests gave variable results.
непохожий на
• Asymmetry makes the image extremely dissimilar to the object.
неправильная установка
• Malalignment (or Maladjustment, or Misalignment).
неправильно оценивать
• Bell had misjudged the electrical properties of mercury.
неправильно употребляемый термин
• The term "soft packing" is really a misnomer, as the packing is only soft in the uncompressed state.
неправильное использование
USAGE: [lang id=2применение>
неправильное применение
USAGE: [lang id=2применение>
неправильное употребление
USAGE: [lang id=2применение>
неправильной формы
• Where a very hard rock is subjected to severe stresses, it may rupture into (highly) irregular angular blocks. • Crystals of highest purity are often irregularly shaped (or ...
• The irregularity of the liquid structure ...
. ошибочный • Any drastic changes are indicative of improper operation. • This conclusion is in error.
неправильный термин
• The terms "die cushion" and "press cushion" are misnomers.
неправильных размеров
см. нестандартных размеров
• This machinery offers unmatched durability. • Stainless steel has unsurpassed corrosion resistance. • The selection can provide unexcelled solutions to such problems. • ...
непредвиденное обстоятельство
• Allowance must be made for various contingencies that may jeopardize the lifting operation.
см. обязательно
непреодолимое препятствие
. представлять непреодолимое препятствие для • The supporters of this model will face insurmountable (or insuperable) obstacles in ...
. постоянно • If adequate ventilation is provided at all times, ... • The old rubber types improve steadily. • The process of growth can continue ...
непрерывно меняющийся
• What lies behind the Sun's ever changing visible features?
непрерывно растущий
• To provide for progressively increasing output, the capacity of the finished products warehouse has been doubled. The ever-growing refractory materials industry ... • The ...
непрерывно уменьшаясь
• The tension applied to the wire is varied during the winding, being reduced progressively as successive layers are applied.
• Electrons are in ceaseless (or continuous) motion by virtue of their heat energy. • The concept of continual (or continuous, or permanent) creation of stars in the Universe ...
непрерывный в
• A function is called continuous at x0 if ...
непрерывный по Липшицу
• remains Lipshitz continuous.
непрерывный поток
• A mechanical feeder ensures a steady flow of material.
непрерывный рост
• The unabated growth of the plastics industry ...
. не подходить; неприменим • This procedure fails only if ... • These cleaners should be used when all other methods fail. • Porous metal bearings ...
непригоден для
• Much of the water in natural sources is unsuitable for humans to drink.
непригоден для заселения
• Such regions are unsuited to human settlement.
непригоден для использования человеком
• Such streams and lakes are unfit for human use.
• This indicates basic inadequacy (or unsuitability) of the procedure employed.
неприемлем с точки зрения охраны окружающей среды
• Generating power on board the vehicle is ecologically unacceptable.
см. делать непригодным для
см. оставлять неприкрытым
. непригоден • Henry's law does not apply (or is inapplicable) in this case. • Such steels are completely unusable in many cases.
неприятный вкус
• This is done to remove the objectionable tastes.
неприятный запах
• Carbon dioxide is a gas with an obnoxious (or objectionable) odour and ...
см. кратковременный
непрозрачный для
• The plasma should be opaque to the incident radiation.
непроизводительно затраченный на
• Allowing 50% extra for work wasted in friction, James Watt arrived at ...
непроницаемость для
• Impermeability to minority carriers ...
непроницаемый для
• All push buttons are dust and oil tight. • This surface is impervious to dirt and moisture. • The pipe is opaque to radiation. • Water tight, Air tight, Gas tight, ...
непропорционально большой
см. занимать непропорционально большую часть пространства
• The effect is out of proportion to the quantity of ...
• Some dimethylacetylene remains unreacted. • The unreacted gases are recycled.
• Out-of-straight bars.
• Friction may make the device completely inoperative.
нерабочее состояние
см. приводить в нерабочее состояние; приходить в нерабочее состояние
• World coal reserves are most unevenly (or nonuniformly) distributed among the continents. • The pressure is nonuniformly distributed.
• Attempts to heat the rivet too quickly will give uneven (or nonuniform) heating.
см. неразрешённая загадка
неразрешённая загадка
• It would be gratifying to feel that the backlog of cosmic puzzles is not accumulating at a hopelessly rapid rate.
неразрешённая проблема
• An outstanding (or unsolved, or unresolved) problem.
см. оставаться неразрешённым
• This is useful in problems which would otherwise be intractable.
неразрешимая задача
• The determination of the optimal profile is an intractable problem.
неразрывно связан с
• Some of the most fundamental activities of life are inextricably entwined [or intimately associated (or connected, or linked)] with the properties of the lipids. • ...
• This choice is not well advised (or is ill advised, or is unreasonable).
USAGE: нераспространение (ядерного оружия) • Non-proliferation (of nuclear weapons).
нераспространение ядерного оружия
USAGE: нераспространение (ядерного оружия) • Non-proliferation (of nuclear weapons).
нерастворимый в воде
• If the amine is water insoluble (or insoluble in water), ...
• Such a jet of particles with a total momentum of 6 GeV will be recorded only in the unlikely circumstance that all the momentum has been invested in a single particle.
• Exceptions to Veer's law are not uncommon (or not infrequent, or not rare). • Gout and pseudogout are not infrequently encountered in the elderly. • It is not unusual to ...
нередко встречаться
• This expression is not uncommon (or rather common) in the literature of chemical engineering.
нерешённая проблема
• An unsettled (or unresolved) problem.
нерешённый вопрос
• There are many other outstanding questions that remain to be answered.
неровная поверхность
• When travelling over uneven surfaces ...
неровности поверхности
• Surface imperfections (or irregularities).
• The drawing shows how the glue fills microscopic irregularities between seemingly smooth surfaces.
несколькими путями
• The alkali bromides can be manufactured by several processes.
. в некоторой степени; немного; слегка • The corresponding pressure ratio is somewhat (or slightly) higher for real gases. • The temperature ...
несколько десятков
• Several tens of kilometres ...
несколько иной
• A somewhat different restriction is necessary.
несколько напоминать
• Milled cereals bear some resemblance to the beetles' normal environment. • Stress corrosion is somewhat similar to pitting. • Fired enamels somewhat resemble [or resemble ...
несколько ниже
. чуть ниже • The metal is heated to a temperature just below the critical range. • The water level is slightly (or somewhat) below the level of the spray jet.
несколько процентов
• In lavas containing several percent of water ...
несколько раз
• A single analyte atom may be ionized more than once during the laser pulse.
несколько сбивает с толку
• These examples are somewhat misleading.
несколько севернее
• Just north of the equator ...
несколько секунд
см. за несколько секунд
несколько снижать
• If manufacturing costs can be lowered somewhat, ...
несколько сомневаться в
• The existence of synapses was (still) in some doubt at the time.
несколько сот
USAGE: несколько сот(ен) • For some dielectrics ranges from one to several hundred. • A temperature of several hundred degrees Celsius ... • Several hundreds ...
несколько тысяч
• Platforms contain several thousands of feet of such deposits.
см. простой
несмотря на
. даже при • In spite of (or Despite) repeated attempts, no instance has ever been observed to violate ...
несмотря на всё
• Life may succeed against all the odds in moulding the universe to its own purposes.
несмотря на то, что
• These colours are also being used despite (or in spite of) the fact that relatively expensive raw materials are sometimes required. • The radiant power differs in ...
несовместим с
• The temperature and pressure in the thermionic diode cell were incompatible with a purely thermal collisional energy augmentation process. • The results of some of the ...
см. расхождение между
. бесспорно самый лучший • These impressions in the lunar surface are indubitably craters. • There is no question (that) the devices could be made much ...
. расхождение между • Failure to meet the specifications ... • A gap (or discrepancy) between estimated and observed ultraviolet radiation ... • There is ...
см. оказаться несостоятельным
• Carbon is incapable of possessing more than an octet of ...
• The failure of such methods to resolve energy differences ... • The inability of the molecules to acquire ...
см. оказаться несправедливым
несравненно больше, чем
• The gravitational influence of Neptune on Triton is overwhelmingly (or incomparably) greater than ...
несравненно меньше
• Early blimps were only a fraction of the size of the rigid airships of that period.
нестандартное содержание
• Then the analyzer signals that the molybdenum content is out of range for this type of steel.
нестандартной формы
• This facilitates the accurate machining of odd-shaped surfaces.
• Sometimes the new part demands a gauge or jig that must be custom built.
нестандартных размеров
• When an off-dimension part has been produced, ...
нестационарное состояние
• The unsteady-state diffusion equation.
• Non-steady-state conduction ...
нести в себе информацию
• This message carries more information than ...
нести заряд
• The fragment B-bears (or carries)negative charge.
нести нагрузку
• Both worms bear equal loads.
нести потери
• Certain losses in efficiency may have to be borne (or incurred, or sustained, or suffered). • The resonator will suffer some loss.
нести расходы
• One must incur considerable expense in gathering the data to be used in the model. • The development costs have been borne primarily by the government.
несущая поверхность
• The carrying surface of the belt.
. не существовать • For such gases an equation of state is not available (or is unavailable).
нет большого выбора
• We have little choice.
нет в продаже
см. имеется в продаже; распродан
нет готовых рецептов
см. для ... нет готовых рецептов
нет данных о том, что
• The electron gives no evidence yet of having an internal structure ( Пока нет данных о том, что электрон обладает внутренней ...
нет двух одинаковых
• No two of the four groups attached to the central carbon are the same.
нет единого мнения относительно
см. нет согласия между ... относительно
нет единого мнения среди ... относительно
• There is no agreement (or consensus of opinion) among mineralogists regarding the origin of ...
нет конца
• There is no end (in sight) to the continuing evolution of ...
нет недостатка в
• Fortunately, there is no lack of examples of geosynclines being formed at the present time. • There is no shortage of questions to be answered.
нет необходимости
• The chamber need not be removed. • We need not go into the details here. • There is no need for a stiff pendulum rod. • There is no need to mount the pendulum.
нет необходимости останавливаться на
• I need not dwell on the elaborateness of the network.
нет ни малейшего признака
• There is not a grain of evidence to suggest the Triassic appearance of western Utah.
нет ни малейшего сомнения в том, что
• It cannot be doubted that this process contributed to ...
нет ни малейшего указания
• There is not a grain of evidence to suggest the Triassic appearance of western Utah.
нет никакого сомнения в том, что
• There is no question (or doubt) that nuclear power is a saving technical development. • There can be no doubt that ...
нет ничего похожего на
• There is nothing like tunneling in classical mechanics.
нет оснований
• It is beyond reason to hope for extraction of ferrous metals in significant quantities to provide substitutes for ore deposits of the continents.
нет пределов
• With more powerful radar systems there is almost no limit to the resolution that can be obtained.
нет причин
• It is unjustified to link these differences to chemical pollutants.
нет смысла
. едва ли целесообразно • There is no point in going through all the details of ...
нет согласия между ... относительно
• There is no agreement among clay mineralogists regarding proper nomenclature for the halloysite minerals. • There is no general agreement (or consensus of opinion) among ...
неточная градуировка
• Errors due to imperfect (or inaccurate, or faulty) calibration of the instrument ...
неточно применять слово
• The word back-mixing is used (somewhat) loosely in the literature.
• This assumption is inexact.
. оставаться нетронутым • In this way the country will be able to exploit untapped (or unutilized) coal deposits. • wide and virgin field is here open and ...
• It is an easy matter to enumerate all six possibilities.
нетрудно понять
• There is no difficulty in understanding (or It is not difficult to understand) how these elements happened to be at the surface.
нетрудно убедиться
см. легко убедиться, что
неубедительно звучать
см. звучать неубедительно
см. обречён на неудачу
см. не увенчаться успехом
неудачный вариант
• Sodium cyanide would be a poor choice.
неудобно пользоваться
• This instrument is inconvenient to use.
• A year ago it was decided that the training methods were inadequate. • Improper measuring technique is a common cause of erroneous conclusions about accuracy.
неуклонно развиваться
• Research in this field is making steady headway (or is advancing steadily).
неуклонно расти
• The need for this product will grow steadily.
неуклонно растущий
• Ever greater (or Ever-increasing) quantities of electric energy must be provided. • The ever-growing application of air-borne electronics ...
см. беспорядочно расположены
• Such a crop failure can lead to famine.
• Failure to take account of (or to take into account) this variation in the osmotic coefficient would cause false conclusions. • Neglect of this factor was responsible for ...
• The radar designers try their best to make their sets immune to enemy countermeasures.
• Every petroleum producing area in the world ...
см. давать нефть; добыча; с нефтяным отоплением
. испытывается нехватка; недостаток • At very low temperatures no electrons will be excited from the valence to the conduction band because of ...
см. мало смысла; нет смысла
нечётные зубья
USAGE: чётные (нечётные) зубья • Even- (odd)-numbered teeth.
нечто большее, чем простая случайность
• This is something more than a mere incident.
нечто вроде
• Many so-called colour-blind individuals have trichromatic vision of a sort. • In this respect the planet offers what amounts to an immense natural laboratory.
нечто среднее между
• Transfer moulding is a cross between compression moulding and injection moulding.
нечувствительный к
• Such amplifiers should be insensitive to system disturbances.
неэкономно использоваться
см. пространство используется неэкономно
• In such applications digital electronic hardware is inadequate (or ineffective, or inefficient).
• The emf of the cell is implicitly included in ... terms.
• The reason for the small size of the molecule is still elusive (or unclear, or vague, or obscure).
см. неопределённый
см. как бы велик ни был
ни ... , ни ...
• Energy can be neither created nor destroyed.

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