Слова на букву не п-обра (843) Русско-английский научно-технический словарь переводчика
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Слова на букву не п-обра (843)

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ни в коей мере не
• This is in no way (or by no means) detrimental to the elements.
ни в коей мере не связан с
• These factors are in no way related to natural causes.
ни в коем случае не
• On no account must steam be allowed to enter the recorder. • Guniting is not, under any circumstances, to be regarded as ... • Under no circumstances should error-rate ...
ни в одном из
• In none of the cases for which these calculations were done does instability occur.
ни малейшего сомнения
см. нет ни малейшего сомнения в том, что
ни малейшего указания
см. нет ни малейшего указания
ни один ... не способен
• Creating such heavy particles is beyond the capabilities of any existing accelerator.
ни один из
• None of the materials under study is more than a few millimetres from a metal surface. • One form of tin shows none of the typical metallic characteristics.
ни один из двух
• Neither of the two proteins demonstrated any exonuclease activity. • Neither reactant is a charged species.
ни одного из
• The fresh solvent contains none of these compounds.
ни разу
• When these prominent neurons were stimulated, in no case was there an obvious motor response.
ни то, ни другое
см. не иметь ни того, ни другого
ни тот, ни другой
см. ни один из двух
. значительно ниже; падать ниже; приводиться ниже • Below this level there can be another domain. • Deactivation can drop the energy ...
ниже нуля
• Below zero. • An icy minus-60 degrees ... • Sub-zero temperatures.
ниже перечислены
. перечислены ниже • The liquid propellant chemical fuels are listed below.
ниже по течению
• Figure 4 is a photograph of the eddying wake downstream of (or from) a shock-induced separation of ...
ниже приводится
• Below is a summary of ... • Below is shown (or given) the relationship between ... • Seen (or Illustrated) below is a complete pilot plant for ... • Following are ...
ниже среднего
• In an area with a negative magnetic anomaly, the earth's magnetic field intensity is below average (or lower than average).
ниже стандарта
• They claim that the quality of the product carburized at over 1750°F is substandard.
ниже точки замерзания
• The average temperature here is below freezing.
ниже уровня земли
• Fume extraction channels have been provided below ground level.
ниже уровня моря
• Below sea level.
ниже, чем
см. на ... градусов ниже, чем
. в последующих главах; дальнейший • The discussions which follow point out the meaning of ... • The following study will be limited to a ...
нижнее положение
см. в нижнем положении
нижние слои атмосферы
• These bands are absorbed by the O2 in the lower atmosphere.
нижние слои земной коры
• The lower crust is denser than the upper crust.
• See bottom photo ... • The lower row of the matrix ... • The lowermost layer of the soil ...
нижняя поверхность
• The insecticides are sprayed on plants in such a way that the undersides of the leaves are also coated. • The undersurface of the crust ...
нижняя сторона
• The test piece has a notch on the underside.
см. книзу; снизу
низкая концентрация
• When spherical particles are sparsely distributed in vacuum ...
низкая точность
• These methods have poor (or low) precision.
низкие значения вплоть до
• Values as low as (or Low values down to) 10-9 have been reported for solids.
низкое содержание
. беден; с низким содержанием • These ores are low in metallic content (or have a low metallic content). • These bauxites are poor in aluminium.
USAGE: низкокипящий (антон. высококипящий) • A low-boiling (anton, high-boiling) compound.
USAGE: низколежащий (антон. высоколежащий) • These quenchers have low-lying (антон. high-lying) triplet states ...
USAGE: низкопористый (антон. Высокопористый) • Roofing tile is of low porosity (антон. of high porosity).
USAGE: низкосортный (антон. высокосортный) • Low-grade (антон. High-grade) materials must be ...
никак нельзя отличить от
• These molecules can in no way be distinguished from each other.
• No pure substance has permeability approaching this.
никакой другой
• Every even integer is assigned one particular number and no other.
никакой другой, кроме
• No body other than the Sun and the Moon can have any significant tidal effect on the Earth.
• At no time (or Never) should thermoplastics and thermosets be stored in the same room.
никоим образом не
• This pressure was by no means the limit of what could be achieved. • Not all chelates are volatile by any means. • This in no way affects the operation of the machine.
никто не сомневается в
• The importance of quantitative measurement has never been doubted.
нисходящая ветвь
USAGE: нисходящая (антон. восходящая) ветвь . спадающая кривая • We studied the falling (or descending, or down-tending) ...
USAGE: нисходящий (антон. восходящий) ♦ The rising (or ascending) [антон. dropping (or descending)] branch of a curve ...
ничего не говорит о том, что
• The fact that a particular isotope is "unstable" says nothing about how quickly it will disintegrate.
ничего не даёт
• This analysis accomplishes nothing.
ничего не знать о
• We are still in the dark about the location of ...
ничего не упомянуто о том, что
• No mention has been made of (or Nothing has been said as to) what happens to the shock waves when they reach the walls.
ничего подобного не произошло с
• Nothing of the kind (or of this sort) has happened to the first observer.
ничем не оправдываться
• The postulate had no justification except "to make the theory fit the data".
ничем не отличаться от
. совершенно не отличаться от • Calcium carbonate in shells is a true mineral and is no different from calcite formed by ...
ничем не отличаться от нового
• The repaired tool is as good as new.
ничто не может препятствовать
• There is nothing to prevent the electron drifting parallel to ...
ничтожная величина
см. на ничтожную величину; пренебрежимо малая величина
• The pressure of the gas is (only) infinitesimally different from that of the piston.
ничтожное количество
• The process can be applied to minute amounts as well as to relatively large quantities. • For micro amounts (or quantities) chromatography on filter paper is used.
ничуть не менее
• This precision is every bit as important as the extension in energy.
ничуть не отличаться от
см. совершенно не отличаться от
см. однако
но не
• A buoy is an anchored moored floating object, other than a lightship, intended as an aid to navigation.
но не больше
USAGE: но не больше (антон. Но не меньше) • These equations have four solutions but no more (антон. but no less).
но не меньше
USAGE: но не больше (антон. Но не меньше) • These equations have four solutions but no more (антон. but no less).
• He was a pioneer (or a trail-blazer, or an innovator) in this field.
новаторские исследования
• In this field, invaluable pioneer research was carried out.
• Telecommunication technology can play an important role in the development of innovative systems for delivering medical care. • An innovative (or A novel) method of filling ...
новейшей конструкции
• All the fishing gear is of the latest design.
. самый современный • Recent research has shown that ...
новичок в области
• As a newcomer to the science of geology, he was ...
• This is the most recent innovation. • These techniques are newcomers to the field of nondestructive testing.
см. нововведение
. совершенно новый • A fresh portion of the solution is introduced into the first unit. • This technology is young. • This is a fresh approach to gear ...
новый клиент
• The low cost surprises our first-time customers.
• 12-gauge shear.
• The welder is motor driven through a foot-operated clutch. • A foot-operated switch is provided for reversing the motor.
см. иметь номер; с чётным номером
номинальная мощность
• Generators with power ratings from 150 to 1200 watts ...
номинальное напряжение
• Voltage ratings (or Rated voltages) are 500 V at sea level.
номинальный размер
см. меньше номинального размера
см. отвечать стандартам
• When the amplifier operates properly, ...
нормально к
см. перпендикулярно к
нормально работать
см. исправно работать
нормального размера
• Normal sized or slightly enlarged kidneys must be ...
нормальный к
см. перпендикулярный к
нормированный к
• The plot is normalized to the intensity of bare uranium.
нормировать к
• This spectrum was normalized to laser power fluctuations.
носить в себе
• Man can harbour at least six species of amoebae.
носить имя
• The depression bears the name Meteor Crater. • Each mineral variety bears a name. • Such a plot is generally identified (or classified) as (or termed, or referred to as, ...
носить на себе следы
• The oldest sedimentary rocks exposed on land bear evidence of deposition in water.
носить название
• The depression bears the name Meteor Crater. • Each mineral variety bears a name. • Such a plot is generally identified (or classified) as (or termed, or referred to as, ...
носить общее название
• Electrons, muons and neutrinos are collectively called leptons. • Epinephrine and norepinephrine are referred to collectively as catecholamines.
носить различные названия
• This form of petroleum goes under various names.
см. необходимость; потребность в; удовлетворять потребности; устранять необходимость в
нуждаться в
• A one-megahertz, one-megabit charge-coupled memory device would require a power of somewhat between a milliwatt and a watt to sustain it. • Mariners, aviators, ... have need ...
нуждаться в дальнейшем рассмотрении
• These observations need further consideration.
нуждаться в объяснении
• It was this multiplicity of hadrons that stood in need of explanation. • This relationship needs clarification.
нужды городского хозяйства
• This water supplies urban needs.
нужен для
см. необходим для
. необходимо; следует • When the density of the gas is to be measured, ... • To determine ... we need only perform the division of ... • If purchased ...
нужно лишь
• All one need to do is to apply the above rule.
нужно найти
• What is wanted is the density of points within ...
нужно признать, что
• It must be admitted that such calculations cannot be carried out with similar success for ...
. время, необходимое для; требуемый • To maintain the requisite (or the required) temperature, ... • This potentiometer offers the wanted ...
нулевого порядка
• A zeroth-order differential equation.
• In terms of "zeroth ionization potential", ...
см. везде равен нулю; выше нуля; не равный нулю; ниже нуля; падать до нуля; сводиться к нулю; ...
• A new method of numbering sites is employed.
• Label the meridians, starting with 70°W on the right.
нумероваться по порядку
• Sometimes the σ orbitals are numbered sequentially, the first being 1σ .
ныне исчезнувший
• The lakes bordered on now-vanished glaciers.
• Newtonian mechanics. • The Newtonian formulation.
. информация о; наука о; относительно; трение стали о сталь • Of such machines it can be said that ...
о ... можно написать целую книгу
• The story of the growth of the synthetic chemical industries would make a book by itself.
о ... не может быть и речи
• Studies of superconductors placed under very high pressures at ultralow temperatures were out of the question.
о котором говорилось в
• This results from cathode sheathing as discussed in the preceding section.
о котором идёт речь
. рассматриваемый • The symmetry at issue (or involved) is isotopic-spin symmetry. • The term "foliated" is used to indicate that the material referred to (or ...
о котором можно только догадываться
• The two processes interact in ways that can only be guessed at.
о котором не было известно
• The primary system of the reactor now had a leak unknown to the operator.
о котором нельзя и мечтать
. достигнуть совершенно неожиданного успеха • These instruments extend the chemist's studies to a scope undreamed of a few years ago.
о которых никогда раньше и не мечтали
• Trouble-free performance never before thought possible was achieved.
о том, что
• The reader will encounter statements to the effect that introducing error-rate control makes the system respond faster. • There are theories to the effect that the Moon was ...
о чём свидетельствует
• These earthquakes originate in the cold interior of the subducting plate as demonstrated (or evidenced, or witnessed) by seismic wave velocities within the slab (геол.).
• Both of these forms are soluble in benzene. • This enzyme can attack either terminus of single-stranded DNA (биол.).
обведённый кружком
• Special taps are to be marked with the letter 5 enclosed in a circle (or with a circled letter ). • Letters within circles ...
• The paper mask is laid on the metal sheet and traced, after which the metal is cut.
• Colloidal smokes and smogs blanket urban and industrial areas. • The star is shrouded by a cloud of gas.
• The uplift of the continents has always kept ahead of erosion.
• He pondered the problem during 30 years.
• The albic horizon has been depleted of clay minerals, iron oxide, ... • The meteorites' parent body is depleted in alkalis. • The mantle has been impoverished in ...
• Depletion of the Moon in gold ...
• The fractionation process depleted the lunar core of radioactive elements.
• The soils of cultivated lands have been depleted of their natural phosphate. • When the water vapour in the atmosphere is depleted to the point at which ... • The ...
обедняться вследствие
• The cometary shell is being depleted by these stellar perturbations.
• These compounds may be rendered harmless by treating with ...
• Wrap the sandpaper around a wooden block.
• The cells are fitted (or provided, or equipped, or supplied) with interlock systems. II • The supply of phosphate is assured (or provided for).
. для обеспечения • The provision of adequate plant facilities for ...
обеспечение совместимости ... с
• This problem is to be considered when interfacing the electromechanical limit switch to solid-state circuitry.
. давать • The combination of so many properties is difficult to achieve. • A coating of zinc is deposited on the wire to afford protection against corrosion. • The ...
обеспечивать безопасность
• The concrete reactor vessel affords (or provides) a high degree of safety.
обеспечивать более глубокое понимание
• This will give new insight into the phenomenon.
обеспечивать большие возможности для
• The species are interchangeable, thereby providing great scope for experimentation.
обеспечивать возможность
. давать возможность; позволять • Thermocouples made of semiconductors offer the prospect of operation at high temperatures. • It is not unusual ...
обеспечивать доступ к
• Access to the under-chassis components is gained by removal of the base plate. • A turnout from the machine hall pilot tunnel provides access to the transformer hall.
обеспечивать защиту
• The optimum protection would be afforded (or provided, or given) by the addition of ...
обеспечивать значительное повышение
• This precision can pay a big bonus in production speed and quality.
обеспечивать лёгкий доступ к
• This allows the dye-setter easy access to his group of machines.
обеспечивать наиболее эффективное использование
• Reflectors are especially designed to give the most effective use of the light.
обеспечивать напряжение
• The sections can be connected in series to furnish (or provide, or supply) 240,000 volts.
обеспечивать необходимый эффект
• Short-duration irradiation will do the job.
обеспечивать оптимальное сочетание
• A compromise had to be reached between the sensitivity, precision and ...
обеспечивать понимание
• This description gives physical insight into the difference between ...
обеспечивать превышение предложения над спросом
• The previous techniques that geologists developed to keep supply ahead of demand ...
обеспечивать преимущества
• Britain's impressive resources could give it an edge in the economic competition with ...
обеспечивать путём
• A considerable OH— concentration is available by hydrolysis of ...
обеспечивать стимул
• Incentives should be offered to speed development ...
обеспечивать широкие возможности для
• The use of empirically determined parameters allowed much room for manipulation of the models.
обеспечивать экономию
• These factors effect a saving in operating costs. • This provides a saving in power consumption. • A saving in timber can be obtained.
обеспечивающий экономию
• Enamels permit the use of thinner gauge metals with resulting [or which provide (or yield)] cost and weight saving.
см. в случае обесточивания
• The contacts may remain closed when one coil is de-energized.
• We give brief overview (or survey, or review) of the fundamental properties of ...
обзор ... приводится в
• The extensive literature on this shift is reviewed in Rev. [5].
обзор по вопросу о
• We have presented an overview of electron and hole motion.
• Another substance that is copiously (or lavishly, or abundantly) produced by combustion is carbon monoxide.
обильно выделяться
• Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are both given off copiously when lunar fines are intensely heated.
обильно снабжён
• The medulla is richly supplied with nerves.
обильно снабжён рёбрами
• The cross-stay is liberally ribbed.
обильные осадки
• Ample (or Abundant) precipitation.
• Sulphur is an abundant constituent of ocean water. • There is a wealth of [or a great deal of (or abundant)] information about ... • An ample (or copious) supply of air ...
обитать в
• All six species of amoebae inhibit the gastrointestinal tract.
обитающий на дне
• Bottom-dwelling organisms ...
. иметь • These types of lavae are of high viscosity. • The observer is equipped (or provided) with a device that makes it possible to ... • This material is abrasion ...
обладать большей массой
• Deuterium is chemically similar to hydrogen except that it is more massive.
обладать большой энергией
• Such pions are particularly energetic.
обладать глубокими познаниями в области
. изощрён в области архитектуры • He had an intimate knowledge of the physiology of human speech.
обладать горьким вкусом
• This compound tastes sour.
обладать значительным преимуществом
• Such processes possess considerable merit.
обладать исключительной стойкостью к
см. исключительно стойкий к
обладать меньшей энергией, чем
физ. • Two-thirds of the octaves are less energetic than light.
обладать недостатком
физ. • Wilson cloud chambers have the disadvantage (or shortcoming) of a long dead time.
обладать общим свойством
• All earthquake waves share the common property that ...
обладать одинаковой энергией
• The two structures are of equal energy.
обладать отличными рабочими характеристиками
• The "sonic press" should be an outstanding performer in the fabrication of ...
обладать преимуществами по сравнению с
• These multilevel residue systems offer several advantages over analogue systems.
обладать преимуществом
• A charge-coupled delay line offers (or has) major advantages over the more conventional glass delay line. • The fractional weight carrier incorporates all the advantages of ...
обладать преимуществом по сравнению с
• A tunable laser has an advantage over a conventional source because ...
обладать свойствами
• Over 200 alloys offer (or possess) mechanical and physical properties in just the right combination. • Organic glasses possess many properties (or qualities) of an ideal ...
обладать сладким запахом
• This compound smells sweet.
обладать способностью
• Montmorillonite has the property of absorbing various amounts of water between individual unit layers. II • He has a knack (разг.) for getting to the root of a problem.
обладать стойкостью к
• This grade of steel offers (high) resistance to oxidation.
обладать структурой
• Leaves of trees are structured so that if we fold a leaf along its stem the two sides appear identically matched.
обладать сходством с
• These models bear similarities to living things.
обладать также
• This property is shared by the other particles.
обладать тем преимуществом, что
• An interpreter has the advantage that the result of each operation can be seen individually (комп.).
обладать точностью до
• The computer will be accurate to within 0.1 percent.
обладающий наибольшей массой
• Jupiter is the most massive planet.
обладающий опытом в области
• Operators experienced in preparing tapes for ... are wanted.
обладающий самыми элементарными навыками
• This can be done by a mechanic with only rudimentary training.
обладающий свойствами
• In order to produce coke having (or possessing) desired properties, ...
. в данной области; в области; во всей области; относиться к области; сфера • This is an area of spectroscopy in ...
область знаний
• We cannot deprive the student of an important area of knowledge.
область использования
• This opens up wide field of uses (or application) for such machines.
область исследований
• An expanding area of scientific exploration ... • In several areas of nuclear study ... • Another line of investigation has now been opened. • This realm (or field) ...
область применения
• The process has three major areas of application. • The fields of application of thyristors and relays and contactors overlap to some extent.
область спектра
• The blue and red regions of the visible spectrum ...
область стыковки
• An extraordinary new meeting ground of astrophysics, general relativity and elementary-particle physics has been found.
область физики
• The study of collisions of ... is an important field of physics.
область энергий
• An energy region.
область, лишённая электронов
• The charge density in the electron-denuded region will be +qND.
• The cable follows the rock face more smoothly and is easier to fasten.
• This made the erection of the steel lining much easier. • The lower part is milled to assist (or aid, or promote) the inflow of air. • The weight of the torch has been ...
облегчать положение
• Prescribing this medicine improves matters.
облегчать работу
• The instruments reduce the work load on laboratory technicians. • A simpler form of loading equipment is used, to lighten the work of the operator.
облегчать решение задачи
• Lowering the basic repetition frequency alleviates the problem.
облегчать труд рабочего
• There is the substitution of mechanical power for manual effort, which takes some burden from the worker.
см. для облегчения
облегчение боли
см. ослабление боли
• The possible build-up of ice on (or frosting of) the coil ...
облетать ... за ... дней
• The satellite circles (or orbits) the planet every 1.77 days.
облетающий землю
• With the development of rocket technology it became possible to place magnetometers on Earth-orbiting spacecraft.
• Bearing surfaces on the reciprocating head are Teflon lined. • The strip is low-carbon steel faced (or lined) on both sides with nickel claddings. • A lead-lined steel ...
• Several grams of plutonium-239 have been irradiated with neutrons.
• The nuclear emulsion was exposed to monoenergetic neutrons.
. вызванный облучением; под облучением; при облучении • The air molecules were stripped of some of their electrons by exposure to ...
облучение светом
USAGE: облучение светом (лучами, частицами) • F-centres may be produced in uncoloured crystals by irradiation with ultraviolet light, X-rays, ...
• Cool off the casing by wrapping cold wet rags around it (or by wrapping it with ... ).
• The individual atoms can trade (or exchange) electrical charges.
см. выполнять измерения; делать измерения; проводить измерение
см. измерять
• Preliminary experimental results are extremely encouraging.
• The exposed rocks ...
. наблюдаться • Some interesting data have come to light in the examination of ... • Coal is also found in Jurassic strata. • Several hundred polypeptides have ...
• The detection of tumours ...
• Another characteristic of the proteins revealed by in vitro studies was an ability to ...
обнаружено, что
. установлено, что • It has been found experimentally that ...
обнаружено, что ... происходит
• F-centre luminescence with high efficiency has been found to occur in KCl and KBr at low temperatures.
• The booster pilot valve translates pressure changes sensed (or detected) by the balancing unit into output pressure changes. • The change in temperature detectable by this ...
см. сразу обнаруживается
. выявлять; замечать • Nozzles are checked to detect any defects. • This deflection is detected by a mechanical relay. • Further investigation disclosed ...
обнаруживать дефекты
• The tester detects internal flaws.
обнаруживать неисправность
• When a fault is detected, the carriage is stopped immediately.
обнаруживать, что
• Thus we have discovered that the molecular orbitals must be of the symmetry types A1 and B1.
• The ablastic activity is found in the globulin portion of the serum. • Two interesting aspects of the dissociation process have come to light (or have revealed ...
обнаруживаться в форме
мед. • Thyrotoxicosis does not always present in the elderly with classical symptoms and signs.
обнаруживаться у
• Osteoporosis should be suspected when the typical symptoms present in any patient with a predisposing medical history.
• For this edition the original figures have been brought up to date (or updated) and some new material added. • The minicomputer updates machine instructions.
см. кратко обобщим
обобщать на
• This rule can be extended (or generalized) to curved spaces of any number dimensions. • This permits the extension (or generalization) of the resulting equations to systems ...
обобщение на
• The extension of the principle of evolution to the fundamental molecules of life ... • useful generalization for (or to) the simpler elements is ...
обобщённый на
• One should use the following scheme generalized to other cases: ...

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